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The telecom industry is no longer considered a mere data channel in today’s digital era. Internet-based communication tools and technologies like VOIP are dramatically reducing the traditional profits of telecom operators. Furthermore, with a huge subscriber list and multilingual communications, the telco is under immense pressure to build a loyal customer base while reducing dependency on the third party vendors to deliver their most important customer communications.

In the need to deliver an amazing customer experience to their subscribers, it becomes quintessential for telecom providers to adopt a digital transformation strategy and revolutionize the way customers interact with them. A customer communication management software is one such technology that fulfills customer’s expectations, improve self-service capabilities and reinforces customer engagement via dynamic, personalized and interactive communications.

Challenges faced by the Telecom Industry

A Customer Communication Management

Platform can

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CCM Software for Telecom providers

Automate Communications &

Enhance Experiences

Majority of the telco providers work with different tools and third-party vendors when creating communications for customers to be sent via web, email, SMS, and print. This majorly contributes to different brand images, inconsistent messaging, disparate channel experience and increased compliance risks. With a decade-long experience in the domain of customer communication management, FCI helps you provide the solution that delivers consistent experiences, strengthens brand image and sustains compliance. With FCI, you will able to create highly personalized and deliver communications timely on all channels from a single interface. This will result in a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Automate Subscriber

Onboarding Experience

To increase the lifetime value of your customers, you should onboard them smoothly without any hassle. Customers who get timely updates and optimized experience as per the channel are most likely to stay loyal while turning into your brand advocates. Paper-onboarding is the thing of the past as it was time-consuming, non-compliant and inefficient. FCI enables telco providers to digitally onboard their customers via quick and convenient digital forms that are pre-populated with the customers’ data.

Deploy Communications

with Up-sell and Cross-sell Promotions

Many telco service providers share bills that lack personalized usage analysis along with dedicated up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. With FCI, you can create personalized offers as per your customer’s journey and behavioural pattern to encourage them to enroll in different plans that create a win-win situation for you as well as your customers. All this can be delivered as a part of interactive and dynamic communications that allows a customer to raise concerns and feedbacks in real-time.

Deliver Communications

as Preferred

The digital space is the new normal, especially for the millennial customers. These customers mostly prefer customer communications to be digital instead of print. FCI empowers telecom providers to serve customers as per their delivery preferences. These communications can be quickly deployed to customers via print, e-mail, SMS or web allowing them to receive information whenever and wherever they need it.

Delivering Delightful Digital Experiences

Throughout your Customers’ Journey

FCI helps you to constantly innovate and deliver omni-channel communications to your customers. Say goodbye to traditional methods of static communications and hello to all new dynamic, personalized and interactive communications.

We also provide true cloud capabilities to optimize the effectiveness of every communication sent to a customer and drive business objectives and growth while maximizing the bottom line.

FCI Capabilities

>Boring and Non-interactive Customer Communications

Digital Forms and Processes

Customer On-boarding is still far from being Digital

Interactive and Dynamic Policy Documents

Minimal Up-sell & Cross-sell Opportunities

eSignature Integration

Cumbersome Manual Processes Communications

Interactive Welcome Kit

No Self-service Capabilities in Customer Communications

SMS and Mobile Push Notifications

Inconsistent Messaging along with Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Personalized Up-sell and Cross-sell Promotions



  •   Empower Self-service Communication Capabilities
  •   Deliver True Omnichannel Digital Experience
  •   Deploy Communications as per Customer’s Delivery Preferences
  •   Designed for Hyper-connected and Fast-moving Millennial customers
  •   Deliver Secured Customer Communications on Cloud
  •   Increased Agility and Reduced Compliant Risk