Enrich Patient Provider Relationships with
Omni Channel
Healthcare Experiences

Healthcare and its tenets have modernized to serve better patient-centered solutions. Rapid transformation in the healthcare and allied industries now offers telehealth, smart wearables, live healthcare, centralized health records and more services. With multiple entry-exit points through patient journeys, ‘Unified Communication and Information Management’ becomes valuable for the providers. FCI Solutions are designed to structurize, digitalize, and automate critical healthcare communication workflows to ensure a value-rich healthcare customer experience management system. With FCI’s highly advanced CCM & Digital Transformation Solutions, healthcare and allied institutions can improve patient care experiences while assisting healthcare professionals to make informed decisions. Our solutions can help you reduce costs and drive member behavior with personalized communications, digital customer onboarding, correlated experiences, engagement oversight, and real-time communications.

Get a ‘One Fits All’ solution for
Healthcare Communications

Create service capability of 'Doctors without Borders' via SaaS Based Communications

Eliminate manual dependency on critical & emergency communication with CCM Automations

Develop web based Customized Service Portals & User Interface for personalized care

Switch to modern care technologies like Voice Health Assistants, Scheduling Bots & Self-Service Platforms

Map Voice of Customer (VoC) in Health Services
and reflect with Interactive On The Go
Communication Platforms

Eliminate Disconnected Silos
between Care Provider, Pharmacy,
Allied Healthcare and Clinics to
bring the Customer Experience
over Omni-Channel Platforms.

Streamline Healthcare
across all formats
and all functions to strengthen
service and audit standards.

Reduce cost of Healthcare
Experiences while maintaining
high global standards of HIPAA and
CMS Medicare Marketing.

Improve Care based Outcomes with Digital
Management Platforms

Minimize referral leakage with trackable event-driven customer connections Integrate Last Mile Care Experience with IoT Integration and End-to-EndCommunications Applications Get SaaS based Secure Data Management Systems for Healthcare Maintain regulatory compliance with efficient healthcare information management What's In ItFor HealthcareOrganizations? Enable transparency & accuracy with E-Forms and Intuitive UI Visualization Minimize Service Delays with Cross-Functional Experience Visualization e

Communicate with a variety of Patient Payer Mixes
via Customized Bi-Directional
CCM Platform

FCI CCM Solutions - Designed for Patient First Customer Journeys

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