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meets Customer Value

Customer Experience innovation seldom aligns with textbook solutions of industry. The balance hangs between unstable customer expectations and dedicated ROI (Return on Investments). FCI Digital Transformation brings together customer experience design with technical solutions to develop customized ‘Digital First Touch Points’. We help organizations build ‘Commercial Off The Shelf’ platforms by integrating internal systems with omni channel microservices,. These solutions help deliver maximum business value to customers in the fastest manner possible. With FCI, organizations can channelize customer intimacy and deploy ‘Quick Serve’ solutions to divert turbulent market forces in their favour at all times.

Simple and Digital Solutions for Targeted
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Experience

Upgrade from Non-Digital Engagement Model to customized Communication Touchpoints and personalized Experience Channels.

Customer Communication Migration and Management

Move customer database and journeys to SaaS based platforms powered by data-driven Customer Experience User Interface (UI) for uber fast customer experiences.

CCM Integration
and Automation

Reconnect misaligned Customer Experience resources & create unified customer journeys to support ‘Choice of Platform’, ‘On- Demand Communication’, & ‘Self-Service’ capabilities.

Activate passive Customer
Journeys with Industry Thinking Solutions

Experience new possibilities of Real-Time Interaction, Counterless Engagement, Customized Service Plans, Gamification, and more with
FCI Digital Transformation. Rise above the horizontal nature of digital adoption and build solutions that integrate strengths of multiple
departments and eliminate shortcomings of defragmented communications.

Digital Onboarding

Manage high volume of onboarding functions and reduce customer drop offs with efficient digital onboarding solutions

Get Smart Customer Data Segmentation Tools

Offer ‘Choice of Device’ to customers for Re-boarding & De-Boarding

Map customer relations with Event Based Onboarding Experience Tracking

Upgrade Transactional Communication with Customers via Digital Channels

Execute On Demand and Batch requests for Billing Cycles

Report transactional events in real time to customers

Automate critical transactional communication - reminders, follow-up and more


Interactive and Dynamic
Communication Management

Convert simple Bi-Directional Customer Communications into Intuitive Data Driven Experiences

Create CCM tools for reporting 360° Customer View

Employ Chatbots, IVR, Voice Assistants & other tools of dynamic communication

Build Quick Service Microsites and Application Transformation Management

Build Core Critical capabilities for migrating and automating automation Customer Experiences

Identify and remove silos in customer experience journey

Rule Authoring Engines for conditional communication workflows

Setup Automated Document Factory for Design to Delivery CCM Automation

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Elements

Utilize Smart Decision Engines to create hyper-personalized and customized experiences

Use pre filled and auto filled e-forms for faster service request resolution

Get real time, event based customer insights to develop customized services

Ensure more information exchange per interaction with complexity management tools

Fetch every Perceived Advantage from Digital
at Zero Opportunity Risks

Achieve True Cost Transformation

Stabilize transformation costs with clean-sheet budgeting and rationalization of existing resources for building new solutions.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Reduce the back office dissatisfaction rates with real time communications. Maximize ‘First Attempt Resolutions’ with AI Ready Service Solutions.

Data Driven Experience Leadership

Collect data at every customer attribution point with 24x7 live platforms and map enterprise wide KPIs to new selling opportunities.

Emergency Communications Platforms

Minimize ‘Cost of Lost Communications’ in critical situations (like COVID 19 Pandemic) via customized platforms delivered at lowest time to market.

Ultimate Go To Solutions for any Customer Experience Case - FCI Digital Transformation

Designed to extend the customer lifetime value in
experience centric business functions.

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