Set free your Communications Strategy with
Agile and Cost Effective
SaaS based CCM

Flexibility of Customer Journeys cannot wait for slow market solutions. Core IT teams need more time to personalize conversations across all channels of engagement. SaaS based CCM platforms simplify customer journeys and make them responsive for more exchange of information and contextual messaging. Customizable platforms help in achieving a bi-driectional flow by allowing customers to communicate in the way they feel comfortable. With FCI CCM as a Service, organizations can upgrade from uni-directional communications and interact with their customers to minimize response time. Our adaptive SaaS CCM Software can help them choose from various LOB (Line of Business) specific functions and empower their business proposition with Real-time Communication, Cross-Media Programs, Variable Data and Content Composition Engines, Systemic CCM Automation, and Embedded Analytics.

Adaptive Multi Directional Communications Platform

FCI CCMaaS Solutions - inspired by Voice of Customers (VoC)