A business document not only enables transactions but is also a representative of a company and its image. It is a vital medium that connects closely with your customer and presents opportunities to further strengthen this bond. Therefore, it is essential that your business document is well planned, precisely composed and attractively designed to meet your business goals. And most importantly it should be presented to your consumer in their preferred format/medium at the right time.

We at FCI offer state-of-the-art Document Presentment services that transform static information into powerful sales and customer-centric communication for traditional print, electronic delivery or archiving. Our document output (print/mail and electronic), its management and impactful marketing solutions are designed with best in class technology. This enables us to enhance operational efficacy and deliver excellence at each step of production, that too in the most cost effective and secure manner.

These best practices coupled with the latest industrial technology empower us to successfully and consistently deliver these everyday documents on our customer’s behalf. Every month we produce tens of millions of printed & electronic statements and business documents for our clients from industries like insurance, utilities, financial institutions and telecommunications.

Document Production

At FCI the edge of experience, the power of technology and the passion for excellence combine to transform your data-driven customer correspondence into efficient and impactful customer communication. We help our illustrious clients connect better with their customers and achieve their objectives with clutter-breaking documents

Our strength lies in our knowledge and in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities of large volume bill and statement production. Our comprehensive range of specialized services offers the following benefits to you:

  • Document composition and document printing and its presentment in the fastest/most industrial and cost-effective manner through latest methods like High Volume Computer Output (HVCO)
  • Variable Data Printing (VDP) and Transaction Printing of world class standards
  • Financial Printing Expertise
  • Realizing the full potential of your bills and statements as a vital communication medium which can ensure customer satisfaction, improve customer loyalty and enhance your revenue.
  • Increased standards of security, confidentiality and business continuity planning.
  • Maintaining the highest standards in implementation in both printed and electronic media.
  • Ensuring error-free delivery of your vital information and documents to your customers

Our Specialized Services Include:

Document Design: A document that is customer-centric and which is designed to appeal to the receiver is the key to assuring maximum impact of your communication. To help you plan and execute measurable loyalty and customer satisfaction programmes, our design experts combine customer data with information technology and innovative design. This helps transform your basic bill and statements into powerful and effective customer communication tools. Innovative style along with a customized use of color makes your documents more appealing and enhances customer's response. It's just what you need to enhance your relationship with your customers.

Document Composition: A document that delivers information in the correct format guarantees the instant connect needed to relate to customers. We at FCI offer specialized tools for you to formulate personalized messaging strategies that find favor with your valued customers. These tools will assist you in taking advantage of customer segmentation through personalized documents in their language of preference.

Data Validation: A lot of the documents that we produce have some manually captured data (such as name, address, contact number and/or other business related information) by our customers whether ongoing or historical. Since it is captured manually it is prone to have some percentage of errors. And at times the criticality of that error can be highly sensitive (for example an Insurance company can face serious consequences if a policy insured for an amount of Rs. 500,000 is actually by mistake captured as Rs. 5,000,000). Such errors are identified by our systems/people, flagged off, corrected (or at times suppressed) and then only the final correct documents are produced. Our processes have unique technologies that come in to play wherever these projects are to be implemented since the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or ICR (Image Character Recognition) cannot be the answer to the problem as many times the capture is done from manually non-standard hand written application forms. In this way we prevent any type of high risk exposure of our clients' business.

Analytics: We can intelligently mine data (while parsing the data for output) to put across the right offer/visuals on the documents based on the content of the transactions. This offers scope for Trans-Promotional document presentment. To learn more please click here.

Transaction Printing: Precision, flexibility, speed and quality in document printing are vital to achieving your desired business objectives. We ensure this through state of the art equipment and processes for your variable data printing (VDP), transaction printing and financial printing needs. Moreover, we ensure all this at lightning speeds with top of the line quality through our specialization in high volume computer output (HVCO).

We offer the unprecedented technological benefits of high-speed continuous or cut sheet printers for various transaction printing applications. Our facilities are ideal for transaction printing in the shortest possible Turn Around Time (TAT). We ensure complete satisfaction of our clients like banks and insurance companies for whom transaction documents like account statements and policies are the backbone of their entire business. In fact, we go the extra length to ensure accuracy and zero-error delivery, especially inPolicy Printing, Bill Printing, and Statement Printing. 

When it comes to variable data printing (VDP), your search for high quality personalized customer documents ends with FCI. Our variable data printing (VDP) capabilities ensure mass customization of documents via the latest digital print technologies.

What's more our variable data printing capabilities extend much beyond printing different names and addresses on documents like personalized letters to your customers. We also offer the facility to insert different graphics into a document, change the look or even print documents with a bar code or use colors to suit your requirements. In fact, our Variable Data Printing (VDP) solutions are designed to support your powerful customer focused marketing efforts and increase response rates.

Our expertise in financial printing also enables us to service our financial industry clients to their utmost satisfaction. We are engaged in printing financial documents for banks, credit card operations and mutual fund companies and other leading corporations.

For specialization in mission critical high volume computer output (HVCO) printing of documents we have invested in some of the fastest and most industrial print productions systems. With speeds of each of these production lines of up to 1,000 pages per minute we are able to offer some of the shortest Turn-Around-Time (TAT) windows for our projects. This ensures that we are able to deliver these highly personalized, high volume computer output documents such as bills, statements, invoices, insurance policies, and other critical documents used in business transactions.

Moreover, to cater to the exacting demands of clients in banking, insurance, telecommunications and the utilities sector, we've developed a portfolio of services that are dedicated to printing of statements, bills and policies.

Since statements, bills and policies incorporate information and data that is sensitive and valuable, we adhere to stringent measures to ensure quality and integrity in the statement printing, bill printing and policy printing processes

Printing of statements often involves delivery in the form of statement packs which include inserts and coupons, and at FCI, sophisticated technology and highly skilled professionals ensure that the production is as per your time schedule and meets the standards set by you.

Our bill printing solutions ensure that you develop a responsive and friendly communication with your valued clients. These specialized services enhance your image as a service provider and in turn lead to the continued customer commitment to your business.

In addition, when it comes to printing sensitive documents like insurance policies, our rich experience and in-house development and data management capabilities deliver results that ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing your statement and bill printing to FCI is an easy and smart way to increase your company's productivity and open avenues to new revenue through existing and prospective customers. FCI offers immense benefits on printing of such High Volume Computer Output documents like statements and bills, which you, as a company dealing with large numbers of customers can avail. Reduced costs, increased efficiency, refocusing of resources and of course a strong ROI are just a few key advantages.

FCI' High Volume Computer Output solutions combine breakthrough technology with a commitment to quality to deliver impactful, clear and precisely printed documents just when you need them. We ensure the High Volume Computer Output of documents in various formats and sizes through our advanced digital printing equipment at our world class production facilities. Equipped with futuristic technology and the latest hardware and software available anywhere else in the world, our document printing production centre ensures perfect, precise and timely output of your documents, whether in Black & White or Color.

In addition, our stringent quality benchmarks ensure excellence at every level through disciplined project management practices, comprehensive service level agreements and advanced operations and reporting processes.

Internet Presentment Services: Timely presentment of documents enables you to reach your customers at the right time. The electronic delivery service at FCI creates and hosts reliable and impactful customer documents in PDF, HTML, XML or any other formats (including unique encrypted and password protected formats) - which means that you are empowered to present your documents exactly when and where they are needed. Our document distribution program is fully equipped to handle individual distribution requirements of the customers. This includes presentment of documents at a company's own website or presentment to call centers or any third parties.

Post Production Services

FCI offers a full spectrum of Post Production Services that can adapt to fit any job, any quantity and any budget.

FCI is the single source for all your Post Production needs and our services include automated services for the following:

  • Mechanized enveloping of documents with or without inserts (selectively)
  • Fabricating of inland letters and other standard finished document types
  • Automated booklet making.
  • Data entry validation / Data QC (post printing)

Be it a local short-term communication or an extensive nationwide campaign, we have the right mix of methodologies, technology and dedicated people to ensure success of your venture. Our innovative Post Production services are designed to help you save time and money. What’s more, they enable you to communicate your personalized messages more effectively to your existing and prospective customers.