Customer Correspondence and CX

Customer experience (CX) is one of the most talked about trends in business these days, and is a key reason organizations are investing in platforms to manage customer communications but that’s just start of the journey. Learn more about Superior Customer Experience Through Customer Communications Management.

In its simplest definition, customer experience is –

  1. the sum of all the interactions that a customer has with a company over the course of the relationship
  2. it includes the customer’s feelings, emotions, and perceptions of the brand during those interactions.

Examples of “interactions” include: making a purchase, using a product, viewing statements, reading correspondence, calling support, visiting the company’s website, receiving an email from the company, receiving notifications via mobile app, and more.”

Digital Communications Transformation – Top Challenges

When it comes to the CX strategy, customer communications are always overlooked—yet critical—components of the customer journey. In many cases, the CX strategy focuses only on frontline - communications, virtual and physical touch points — like organization’s website or mobile app, training and contact employees on how to best speak (and interact) with customers.

Customer communications such as contracts, customized quotes, welcome kits, invoices, and statements, are equally important to the overall customer experience and represent primary customer touchpoints. With these communications, rarely does the customer voice and the customer’s experience get incorporated into design and delivery. These documents perpetuate inside-out thinking, where the company knows best, rather than outside-in thinking, where the customer is a part of every design and decision. Invoices, statements, and other necessary customer communications aren’t going away.

For every organization, large and small—particularly regulated B2C industries such as insurance, financial services, telecommunications, and utilities—delivering on the customer experience (CX) promise is not always easy. When it comes to digital and communication transformation, organizations face several challenges, including:

  • Complex legacy IT systems & data silos
  • Operational & digital silos
  • Changing market regulations
  • Lack of IT – time and resources
  • Faster time-to-market – new products or implementing compliance guidelines

The Solution

Customer communications management (CCM) solutions can help enterprises overcome some these challenges like having a centrally managed creation and distribution of communication yet CCM technologies which were conceptualized 30 years ago, are still transactional & print-centric.

To ensure your CCM platform keeps CX as its central theme it should:

  • Ensure all communications, regardless of the channel, deliver a seamless brand experience for the customer.
  • Map the customer journey—bringing into the map artefacts that customers use or interact with along the way including marketing communications and transactional communications letters, welcome kits, statements, and bills.

Enterprises need right cross-functional teams to ensure that disparate voices, systems, and channels don’t side-track the brand messaging and, hence, the experience. This is where FCI can support as a partner, with over 16 years of customer communication management experience with some of biggest organizations it now offers innovative solutions which can be readily incorporated in the communication strategy

Dynamic Interactive Communication
Personalized Video Communication

These are technological advances in communication management which enable bi-directional communication and can help overcome limitation of the traditional print or web-mobile/App centric approach.

How do you gain

  • Better engagement
  • More up-sell and cross-sell opportunity
  • Higher brand advocacy
  • Cost reduction (as result of fewer complaints, lower service needs, and reduced acquisition costs)

Today’s Landscape

Consumers today have multiple choices in their purchasing decisions than ever before. With increased access to online price information and reviews, and informal public opinion on social media, many businesses have recognized that building a better customer experience is essential for sustaining competitive differentiation. To learn more how you can adopt the right CX strategy, and benefit, schedule a demo today