Connected Customer Experience Dashboards
for teams that work together

Modern organizations have different departments struggling for maximum customer visibility to improve their process outcomes. Multitude of customer facing functions interact with the same clientele in different ways to achieve their respective business targets. With collaborative customer engagement platforms such teams can share customer communications insights. Independent departments can combine their understanding of customer experiences to build an additive value proposition. Qnect allows businesses to integrate, segment and implement customer experiences over a unified employee friendly User Interface (UI) to develop transformative omni channel solutions.

Leverage day-to-day data
to redefine Customer Experiences.

Integrated Customer 360° View for Enterprise Wide applications. Improve performance of Customer Interactions with Smart UI Platform - Qnect

Accomplish more with Resourceful Customer
Experience Dashboards

Empower your Customer Experience teams with futuristic CCM UI platforms. Identify the Voice of Consumer
(VoC) in universal customer communications with live tracking and data representation tools.

Multi Device
Compatible UI

Ready to use Customer Communication Analytics available on all devices (desktop, pads, mobile) and operating systems (Mac iOS, Linux, Android, Windows & more) for maximum usability and scalability.

Pre Embedded
CCM Analytics

Integrated Customer Communication Analytics to minimize dissonance between business and server side reporting of customer actions. Functional CCM dashboards ready for behavioral factoring and conditional analytics.

Advanced Data

Interactive User Interface for data visualization which has been perfected for least training compliance. Start measuring and improving your customer communication processes from Day One!

Contact Center

Designed to accommodate Contact and Service Center Integration for Robotic and Conditional Customer Engagement. Modified Inbound-Outbound Experience Management with Made to Order API integration for Smart CCM Workflows.