Rewire Utility Experiences for Informed &

New technological developments, policy, and regulatory changes, structural reforms in the Utility sector have given consumers more bargaining power today. Utility firms need to realign their business models to meet heightened consumer expectations, stay relevant, and create value. Simplified Omni Channel Communication can help customers realize the competitive service attributes of the utility industry. FCI CCM Solutions elevate service capabilities of utility institutions with data-driven, interactive, structured transformation of customer communication technologies. Our comprehensive range of customer communication solutions helps Utility Organizations digitize, automate, and unify communication processes. Let your utility business achieve the perfect balance of transactive and experiential customer relationship with FCI CCM Solutions.

Make each Customer Interaction count with
Smart Utilities
Experience Solutions

Strengthen multi-channel provider-customer relationship with integrated communications

Build customer interest and loyalty with interactive two-way communication

Utilize existing brand awareness with ‘Choice of Platform’ and ‘Frequency of Experiences’

Reduce resolution time by transforming traditional communication channels

Develop Smart Consume and Pay Solutions
with Adaptable CCM Platforms

Omni Channel CCM Workflows by FCI - Automate E-Billing, Complaint Management,
Onboarding and more customer facing functions.

Grow a Participative Customer
Engagement Culture via Digital
Service Channels

Leverage proactive CCM capabilities for Critical Communication -
Planned Outages, Tariff Changes, Customer Interest Notifications & more.

Increase overall customer
with FCI’s
CCM led Cloud Contact Centers

Synchronize multi-platform communications into one integrated
end-to-end engagement journey

Run Informed Decision Cycles
and Customized Service Programs
with 360° Customer View

Serve your customers better with a unified User Interface Platform
which retrieves, collates and represents service status and indicators
to make customized service calls.

Experience CCM based Utilities
Service Disruption

Improve Cash Flow Cycles with faster and dependable billing communications Build a coherent service communication across providers, distributors & end-stations Migrate Customer Data to Cloud-based Digital Utilities Platform with 100% Security and Regulatory Compliance Reduce operational redundancy with self-service capabilitiesfor utility customer experiences What's in itfor UtilitiesOrganizations? Lay foundation for Internet ofThings (IoT) based Smart Homes & Customer Service Network. Reduce operational redundancy with self-service capabilities for customer experiences

Be market ready with agile and automated
communications solutions

Let volatility of customer expectations be the strength of your Utility Service Ecosystem

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