Companies that successfully engage their customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.


Utilities communicate proactively with their customers through monthly bills & inserts and service outage alert texts, calls and voicemails, and reactively through their call center and follow up mails, emails, texts and voicemails. These Customer Communications are intended to improve customer satisfaction and provide an opportunity to engage with customers. With millions of customers and an ever-evolving industry – Utilities need to be informative and responsive and build & maintain customer relationships through agile, omni-channel communications.


Today consumers expect more than just a bill from their utility provider - they want a consistent, simple and easy experience. They want more choices in how they interact, and they want more access to information on demand.


FCI helps Utilities synchronize millions of customer communications across all channels, making it much easier for customers to understand, analyze, and query their services, review marketing offers and pay their bills.


Embrace the digital transformation in Utilities

  1. Centralized Platform - for all key information related to each utility customer account, improves customer service efficiency.
  2. Streamlined Operations - from point of service to revenue collection to service expansion and specialized services.
  3. Personalization - Customers can define how and when they would like to receive communications, and for what type of information.


Customer Communication Management solution yields tangible business benefits:

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved call center efficiency
  • Faster response for potential high-bill scenarios
  • New revenue streams


FCI’s CCM solutions and services allow utilities to deliver customized engagement through all channels. With communication preference management, customers can define how and when they would like to receive communications from the utility, and for what type of information. Now, utilities can be better prepared to offer new value-added services to customers, like prepaid billing or conservation programs. Utilities no longer need to interact with customers only via monthly statements or call centers during outages. Utilities that anticipate customer needs, consider their budgets and provide them relevant advice will increase customer satisfaction and revenue growth.