Customer Communications Transformation
for Timeless
Telecom Experiences

Customer Relationships in the Telecommunications Industry run on the balance between new customers and existing customers. Stability in such volatile markets is a function of rich Customer Experiences. With an Intuitive and Value-Driven Communication Platform, Telecom Service Providers can reinforce the idea of loyalty and retention among customers. Reinventing Customer Communication in the image of hyper-personalized experiences and real-time communications is the next challenge for Telecommunication industry. FCI is ready to be your partner in innovating telecom customer communications and delivering winning customer experiences With FCI, innovate traditional communication networks into modern communication hubs that serve ‘Choice of Platform’ and ‘Omni-Channel Digital Experience’. Leverage SaaS Solutions to optimize the effectiveness of engagement with customers while maximizing the bottom line.

Stabilize Customer Loyalty Levels with Modern
CCM Platforms

Automate customer service, back-end information processing, and order management

Utilize pre-configured analytics to truly ‘Know your Customer’

Reduce onboarding time and improve self-service capabilities

Innovate Customer Base Management Strategies for stronger Customer Lifetime Value

Minimize response time per service-request and maintain
proactive information exchange (plan upgrades, tariff
changes, usage history and more) with customers.

Automate multi-level onboarding
experience and service hand-offs
to deliver pure-play experiences
in telecommunications.

Increase Customer Engagement
Duration per interaction with
‘Always On’ Customer Experiences
to capitalize more selling

Develop Channel Less
Communication Networks with Easy
Switching between Communication
Platforms for fluid
customer interactions

Role and Channel based Customer Experiences
to maximize Customer
Lifetime Outcomes

Real-Time UI Platform for monitoring customer relationship & service status Integrated Customer Communication Workflows Intuitive decision-making engines for Customer Experience Design Whole-Stack CCM APIs for Interactive and On-Demand Communication What's In It For TelecomOrganizations? Platform agnostic, omnichannel service delivery integration Faster Time to Market Cycles with Smart Automation

Make Customer Experience a part of your
Business’ DNA.

Prepare Telecom CCM Solutions for Alternate
Customer Journeys of the future.

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