Companies that successfully engage their customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.


The goal of a well thought out Customer Communications Strategy is to boost the relevance, uniformity and clarity of your customer communications.  Each conversation you have with a customer represents an opportunity to increase the business’ current and future revenue.


Customer communications achieve several goals for utility and telecommunications organizations, including driving customer satisfaction and encouraging them to adopt paperless forms of communication in their goal to be eco-friendly and reduce their printing and mailing cost. With millions of customers to manage and competitive pricing pressures in the marketplace, the ability to be informative and appealing while maintaining customer relationships through timely delivered , multi-channel communications is very important. Today’s utilities and telecommunications companies face the challenge of trying to find ways to generate accurate, on-demand, complex, and informative customer communication documents.


To satisfy the needs of millions of customers, utilities and telecommunications organizations are turning to intelligent customer communications management solutions that extract data and transform the production of customer documents into organized, automated workflow, that optimize the production process by distributing documents to the delivery channels customers prefer.


Send the right message


Benefits for Utilities and Telecom

  • Reduce the total cost of communicating with customers, by leveraging a centralized communications platform for managing all correspondence—including bills, service notices, and updates.
  • Improve customer retention by offering personalized messages that reflect your awareness of customer needs and demands.
  • Improve clarity of customer-usage statistics by including dynamic tables and charts.
  • Reduce call center volume drastically.
  • Cut call center call time significantly.
  • Make high-volume production of quality and relationship building customer communications easier and more resource efficient. These technologies allow organizations to save money while producing compelling and visually appealing customer documents.