Print services providers invest heavily into print & IT hardware, document composition & other software licenses and manpower to have in-house data processing and document development. Many PSPs find is challenging to continuously invest into IT infrastructure modernization, new applications and maintain a pool of resources to cater to the changing market requirements.


Over the years we have seen how communication delivery mediums have transformed. Conventional communication delivery channels like print and fax now are combined with email, text, web, mobile and social network. This transition is seen in both transactional print and direct mail delivery. PSPs need to acquire these capabilities to remain relevant in market with acquiring relevant skills and IT applications.


PSPs have varying workloads its doesn’t remain same through the year. Transactional PSP may be swamped with work around SEC or tax filing months. Direct Mail Production volume goes up significantly before holidays. These high workloads are short-term but still require PSP to maintain same quality standard and turnaround time with existing infrastructure and resources. It may be challenging for PSP to invest in additional infrastructure or manage on-bench resources for these seasonal spurts in volumes.


Increasingly PSPs are partnering with service providers to leverage cutting edge technology tools, expertise and resources. This helps them, optimize production and improve operating margins. Pre-press processes like data management, document composition, template management and even post composition electronic delivery, postal optimization can be offshored easily.

Is this service relevant to me?

If you are a direct mail production or a transactional document (HVTO) printing company, this service is relevant to you. Whether your print volumes are small or big, it makes sense to engage an external support for all your variable data programming requirement.

What If I have a proprietary application in-house or have a different data format ?

Our process is completely agnostic to the application you use in-house or the data format that you work with. We are able to work with any data format. Post composition we send back output as a print ready file, in a format which can be used readily with your existing print set-up.

What are the types of documents you compose and what about printing & mailing ?

We manage end to end data management, document composition, post composition – postal optimization (presorting, mail barcoding), digital delivery and archival support. We have expertise on all documents created using variable data programming like statements, bills, statements, invoices, policies, notices and direct mail. We do not provide printing & mailing services.

Is my client’s data safe ?

Yes, absolutely. Your clients data remains secure all through the process. All document templates are programmed at FCI Global Delivery Center(GDC). Customer data is accessed during the final document production through modules placed on AWS (amazon web services) cloud, this ensures data never leaves the shore. Also, all FCI development centers are ISO and PCI DSS certified.

How do I gain ?


  • No capital investment – it’s a service
  • Slash down pre-press process cost significantly
  • Bring down your in-house software licensing cost
  • No requirement to maintain a bench strength of variable data programmers
  • Reduce turnaround time - benefit from time zone difference between you and the development center
  • Increase production speed and efficiency


FCI CCM has over 12 years' experience in variable data programming. Our global delivery center has 100 + resources trained on multiple document composition & customer communication management platforms including GMC inspire, HP Exstream, Doxee and XMPie. With our PSP support service you can save up to 30 % Variable Data Programming cost and nearly 70 % faster turnaround time.

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