Companies that successfully engage their customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.


You don’t improve a relationship with your customer by simply bombarding them with more content. Instead, learn how to manage your messaging by sending relevant content to the right audiences, at the right time – in the right channel.


Keeping products and people moving is a very important objective of today’s logistics and transportation companies. Keeping processes like customer document production efficient and relevant is an important objective for logistics and transportation companies. Balancing high volume production of internal and external customer communications and productive use of resources can be a challenge, as logistics and transportation companies seek to service global clients while controlling costs and utilization of resources.


FCI understands the need to make logistics easier through the efficient and cost-effective production of accurate, detailed, and specific shipping and customer documents. Even a small reduction in processing time per document can generate a sizable cumulative savings. Customer communications management solutions help logistics and transportation companies worldwide address efficiency challenges with intuitive features that automate processes for improved productivity.


Speak their language


Benefits for Logistics & Transportation

  • FCI provides the answer to high-volume and multi-faceted/multi-channel communication demands.
  • Logistics organizations can produce and deliver complex and varying shipping, billing, and informative communications while reducing operational costs using our technologies.