Companies that successfully engage their customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.


FCI helps government agencies cut down costs significantly while delivering more services for citizens. FCI’ solution helps agency workers create personalized constituent communications and repetitive documents such as government eligibility notifications, tax documentation, statements, and assessments regardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel. Government agencies struggle with competing priorities when it comes to effective customer communications and related documents and performance and functionality versus efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is very important that documents created and delivered by government agencies are accurate, accessible, and compliant with stringent regulations. At the same time, government agencies find themselves with limited human and capital resources and an ever-growing citizen base to serve.


More and more, government agencies are turning to intelligent document automation platforms to provide comprehensive solutions that strike a balance between the functional demands and finite assets that exist. Government agencies require solutions that help them simplify document production, eliminate manual steps, allow documents to be created in an automated fashion and enable users to create communications in multiple formats at the same time.


Benefits for Government Sector

  • Improve reachability of your correspondences.
  • Include mandatory content by default in every communication. Reduce risk and ensure compliance.
  • Send out communications in the citizen’s preferred language for better understanding and relevance.
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Enhance interactive communication with citizens.
  • Empower citizens to access important documents online through encrypted channels.