Companies that successfully engage their customers realize 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity.


Every member is a stakeholder in the organization bringing the sense of inclusion among members. Members, not being asked for their member id when they walk into a branch, as executives know them personally, is a typical example of how credit unions have mastered relationships.

It is easier to maintain a personal touch when members walk into a branch, and Credit Unions are doing better than other financial institutions. However, credit unions often fall behind when it comes to maintain the same personalized communications through print, email and text. The reason behind is lack of required technology and human resources.


Members Expectations

Members prefer hyper-personalized correspondence that connects with their needs, not only limited to verbal interactions but also through other delivery channels such as print, email, mobile, and social media. To achieve this, applications used for creating and delivery such correspondence should have ability to hyper personalize correspondence with intelligent analytics. For example – if the analytics suggests that a member is looking for a housing loan, the promotions embedded in regular documents should be around housing loan.


Hyper personalization and Marketing goals

Every credit union today deals with members not actively using the products after initial sign-up. Reaching out effectively to these dormant members is one of the biggest challenges of any union.

We have developed successful customer correspondence programs that are highly personalized and relevant to each member. We leverage members’ behavioral patterns like preference to consume information, staying connected with mobile devices, and tech savviness to engage them effectively and make them subscribe to more active products.


Modern Digital Communications

With members going mobile and having other active banking services – it’s about time that credit union distinguishes itself from the competition. FCI has developed pathbreaking solutions that not only helps you in digital adoption and paper suppression but also facilitate superior customer experience through effective engagement. We offer HTML5 Dynamic Documents and Personalized Videos solutions from FCI help you modernize your customer correspondence for favorable results.


HTML5 Dynamic Documents

Most financial institutions are moving on from print centric PDFs to HTML5 dynamic documents for mobile ready communications. customer document like statements, bills, notices, loan coupons and letters created in responsive HTML5 can let you serve personalized information seamlessly across platforms and devices. with a built-in Personal Finance Management tool – HTML5 canvas provides immense possibility and it’s not your regular e-statement.

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Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are being used across customer touchpoints in retail banking industry for impactful customer communications, improve engagement and strengthen loyalty. Credit unions can also use them to upsell and cross sell with ultra-personalized offers/product recommendation presented with their personal finance data.

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Our solutions for Credit Unions

FCI offers end to end outbound customer correspondence management services to credit unions. Our customer communications management services to credit unions have been able to improve customer engagement throughout touch points and save costs. Our services include end to end operations for:

  • Bills & Statements
  • 1098/1099/5498 Statements
  • Notices
  • Coupons
  • Correspondence for member loyalty programs
  • Marketing, promotions


Our Approach - CCM as Managed Services

FCI offers scalable and robust centralized platform in the cloud to manage end to end member communications processes for all delivery channels such as print, email, text and social media. CCM as Managed Services is a tailored solution for mid-sized organization to enable operational efficiency in customer communication processes and facilitate superior engagement across member touch points. A SAAS based turn-key solution with provision to engage resources, our solution mitigates investment barriers and expertise gaps that have been the largest roadblock.

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