As the workplace becomes increasingly digitized, the way businesses communicate with their customers and partners is evolving – from the traditional physical posting of documents and faxing, to more modern methods of digital communication, such as email, web and social media.  This often leaves SMBs facing the challenge of managing communications across multiple channels which can not only be daunting and complex but can also inhibit business growth if not done effectively.


For years, the primary technologies for automating enterprise content management were complex & expensive and were only within the reach of large organizations. On-premise customer communications management (CCM) solutions/tools  like so many other applications is moving to the cloud, closing the gap and all organizations irrespective of its size now have access to the same technology and solution.


For most Small to Medium businesses, organic growth or the passage of time has resulted in a collection of communication tools – many coming from different vendors. By layering one tool on top of another, most SMB’s have difficulty achieving and maintaining efficient systems and workflows. Hence, many of the tools and production workflows are still primarily print centric and not easily adaptable to emerging digital technology that engage customers across varying demographics and multiple touch points. FCI delivers its solution on a Managed Services platform - saving you TIME and MONEY on implementation and support costs. We let you focus on your customers and core business.


Consumers today are bombarded with thousands of promotional messages…from print to television and radio to Web ads.  As a result, many SMB’s face the daunting challenge of getting their messages out in a way that breaks through this clutter and resonates with their customers.  An increasingly cost effective and efficient method of “getting the word out” is to leverage use of their regular communications to their customers. This once a month or once a quarter appointment, optimizes your ability to communicate in new and different ways to ensure that your messages are noticed.

Some important facts


  • Did you know 98% of SMB’s lack an effective or efficient strategy for how to deal with customer communication documents?
  • Did you know that transaction documents are opened 95% of the time and read for 3 to 4 minutes (InfoTrends)?
  • Did you know for each dollar a business spends on customer communications document, another $9 dollars is needed to manage it?
  • Did you know that postage is the single largest operating expense for many SMB’s (USPS)?
  • Did you know 87% of all businesses are either unaware of the true costs of customer communications or are unable to contain them? (Optimus Analytics)
  • Did you know that 45% of all documents scanned are born digital? (AIIM)
  • Did you know that 76% of all businesses have no mobile processes? And 75% are missing out on the potential of mobile marketing and SMS…(AIIM)