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What is Customer Communication Management?

Customer communication management (CCM) is a planned strategy that enables organizations to design, manage & deliver all outbound communications - across multiple channels. A future-proof customer communication strategy allows an organization to deliver exceptional, continuous and connected communications and gain real-time insights into customer behaviour.

This translates into a power-packed customer experience that increases engagement, drives revenue and promotes customer lifetime value.

Call For Change

What’s wrong with existing Customer Communications?

With millennials changing the rules of customer experience, organizations across industries are under immense pressure to optimize customer communications while configuring business rules and staying compliant. Organizations that fail to give due attention to customer communications, are more prone to customer churn.

>Boring and Non-interactive Customer Communications

Boring and Non-interactive Customer Communications

Customer On-boarding is still far from being Digital

Customer On-boarding is still far from being Digital

Minimal Up-sell & Cross-sell Opportunities

Minimal Up-sell & Cross-sell Opportunities to existing Customers

Cumbersome Manual Processes Communications

Cumbersome Manual Processes for Outbound Communications

No Self-service Capabilities in Customer Communications

No Self-service Capabilities in Customer Communications

Inconsistent Messaging along with Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Inconsistent Messaging along with Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Manage All types of Communications with

an Advanced CCM Software


Future of CCM is here

Not only Personalized but Automated, Interactive and Unified

With the rise of millennial customers, the game is all about automated processes and highly interactive communications. FCI understands the needs of your fast-paced, always-on digital customers and provides solutions that become the backbone of your customer communication strategy. This further helps you to deliver amazing digital experiences at each stage of your customer journey.

Based on customer’s action such as forgot/lost password, missed payment, policy payment due date, account updates etc. a real-time interaction can be triggered within a communication to solve your customer's queries. Mapping your customer journey and creating dynamic & responsive touch-points will assist you to increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty and sustain a competitive advantage

Future of CCM

Why FCI as your

CCM Solution Provider?

Omni-channel Communications
  • Ensures consistent branding across multiple channels.
  • Delivers communications like Statement Letters, Notices, Forms etc. to customers’ preferred delivery channels.
  • Enables personalized and targeted marketing campaigns to drive new business initiatives.
IT  and Operational Efficiency
  • Streamlines all communication templates to reduce dependency on IT for any changes.
  • Optimizes digital experiences while reducing dependency on paper-based communication.
  • Automates workflows and processes to reduce operational overheads and inbound call volumes.
Regulatory Compliance
  • Centralizes all forms/communications for maintaining compliance and consistency.
  • Enables digital forms-based processing along with eSignature integration to fasten onboarding and other business processes.
  • Ensures various departments comply legal language and disclaimers.

Amplify Business Opportunities

with Unlimited CCM Capabilities

Increase on-boarding volume through quick and convenient digital forms that are pre-populated with your customers’ data.

It eliminates manual processes and eventually improve the processing turnaround time.

Add promotions and marketing messages by leverage customer data to position up-sell and cross-sell promotions tailored to their unique needs.

Our security management processes are ISO 27001 certified along with PCI DSS certified environment. Additionally, your data is encrypted by default, at every point.

Add dynamic elements to quotes, business information and welcome kits and allow your customers to interact with them.

Deliver Innovative
and Interactive

Customer Communications

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