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One of the biggest fear for any business in today’s world is leakage, theft or compromise of the personal data of their customers. This poses serious threat to the existence itself of any organization.


With regulatory authorities getting more and stricter about the data and privacy protection laws / acts, organizations should be clear about who they do business with – whether the partner is trust worthy, do they have the necessary controls and processes in place, are they audited by the relevant certification bodies, etc.


FCI is regularly certified and audited for its Information Security standards.  We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization.  We are also in the process of certification for PCI DSS, HIPAA, SSAE16; SAS70. More than the certification, it is our commitment across all levels, to protect confidential information at all times.  And we share the same vision of our customers when it comes to privacy & info-security protection standards.  Our quality standards and processes are also no exception and thus we are compliant for ISO 9001:2008 as well.


There are a combinations of controls and processes that ensure we are upto date and compliant with the info-sec and privacy control requirements. We have a security management team which controls this framework. They ensure availability of all the necessary Deterrent, Preventive, Detective and Corrective controls. This is done through robust Identity management Solution, Physical Security, appropriate Application Security measures and Encryption of data whenever it travels over a network or while it is at rest.


We make sure we have -

  • Business continuity and data recovery procedures for every client.
  • Logs and audit trails are secured and maintained.
  • Unique compliance requirements, if any, can also be discussed and managed.