Looking out for the best CCM platform?

Best CCM Software Platform for Growing Your Businesses

Financial Institutions like Banks & Insurance, Telcos, and Healthcare organizations have a lot at stake when it comes to communicating effectively with their customers. You invested heavily in terms of time, money and effort in implementing best of breed application like OpenText Exstream, GMC Inspire or DOC1. The implementation of CCM itself would have taken a good half a year and you would’ve put all your internal and external resources on their toes – transforming and porting all your existing communication to be easily managed through your new CCM platform.

Is that good enough? Do you believe it would be smooth sailing henceforth?

Not really. The real game starts once you have shunned your legacy systems and now have a state-of-art CCM platform; you need an experienced team to manage that. A typical organization has hundreds of document templates. Over time, with new products being introduced, new guidelines for regulatory/compliance, or change in document strategy, you need experts to manage existing document templates and create new ones.

What should you be doing instead?

A CCM platform manages communication with your most critical asset – Customers. Unlike an ECM or DMS which are good for managing internal communication, with CCM your risks are high – ranging from delayed communication, errors, penalties, bad customer experience to missing the bus against the competition. Leave the job to the experts – that’s what should be the strategy.

A customer communication management (CCM) services company is your ideal option rather than an IT services company. Unlike IT services company they are not just a collection of resources but an organization with experience of customer documents, statements, policy bonds & notices. Their focus remains on effective communication strategy rather than a number of resources on contract. A CCM services company is able to exploit your current platforms at its optimum with the diverse domain expertise they already have.

If your CCM application partner doesn’t know data’s journey from a raw piece of information to a finished statement or mailer, it’s like giving your supercar to a city commuter – just because he knows how to drive.
Specialized CCM services companies are now available with expertise on multiple CCM platforms. They assess your current customer document strategy and suggest future road-map. CCM is a premium expertise and you always want to optimize your cost. A CCM services partner with a mix of on-site and off-site shared resources can keep the costs in check. You should select right partner to get the best out of your CCM platform investment.

FCI CCM is a full-service customer communications management company. We offer a wide range of services starting from CCM implementation, migration, and version upgrades to managed support and quality assessment (QA). FCI CCM has recently introduced CCM as Managed Services for mid-markets.

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