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CCM Software Empowering Customer Communications

Gary is an Associate Director in the domain of Customer Experience (CX). His typical day is a combination of meetings and telephone calls. Managing the chaos between their professional and personal life Gary takes out time for online shopping. Their preferred mode of payment by Gary is his Credit card as he likes collecting reward points and enjoying the lucrative offers from the service provider.

On a monthly basis, he receives his credit card bills in the form of PDF documents via email. While going through the communication he notices a few transactions that make him perplexed about the authenticity of the statement. He wants to raise an immediate complaint but due to lack of time, he is unable to get through to the customer service department.

The same scenario keeps on repeating on a recurring basis which leads to Gary’s frustration and discontinuation of the credit card services.

  1. What is missing in the PDF Statement?
  2. Lack of self-service option
  3. No feedback mechanism
  4. No cross-sell and upsell opportunity based on the spend
  5. Graphical view of monthly spend
  6. Immediate payment option

Credit Card Services and Customer Experience (CX) Program

We all use credit card services and the experience that we receive from the provider is the ultimate differentiator that turns us into loyal customers. The reason for Gary’s frustration is quite obvious and any of us in his place would have been in a similar situation.

What needs to be understood is that providing a great Customer Experience Platform is quite worth the effort and to lead the race, it becomes important for businesses to enhance the user experience module. This is where CCM/ Customer Communication Management or Customer Experience Automation comes into the picture. The software enables customer-facing businesses to deliver a seamless user experience by providing a silo-free process via which businesses can embark on their digital transformation journey.

What CXM Software can do for your business?

A customer experience management platform can help organizations in designing personalized and memorable customer journeys. With the modern and efficient capabilities of CXM Software, organizations can enhance user experience and build loyalty by communicating with customers on their preferred delivery channels.

Your Personalized CCM Software

CCM Software can help businesses by providing them with:

Data-Driven Personalization– It is very crucial for organizations to deliver an experience that is in sync with the collected customer data. What’s more important over here is to organize these data in a way that gives meaningful insights. Without a proper process in place, it becomes really difficult for the management to do the analysis and derive the future requirement.

With the help of CCM Software, meaningful data can be effectively leveraged in the form of personalized communications and this learning can be used to effectively create micro-segments. This will improve customer engagement and can create value out of each interaction for organizations.

Tailored Offerings– Many times, software bought from vendors may not suit the business requirements completely. Some business operations might require change depending upon the need for the deployed technology. Also, businesses that use multiple software face difficulty in integrating third-party software. Custom software can seamlessly integrate with the existing software and provide the organization with optimum performance and flexibility.

CCM Technology empowers organizations by providing them with tailored offerings as per their business requirement. The tailored software provides long-run solutions and scales operations to support growing business needs.

Self-Service Capabilities– An agile CCM software empowers organizations to provide self-service capabilities to their customers on the go. Providing customers with clickable content and allowing them to make decisions while going through the communication can improve the revenue share of businesses rigorously.

Customers can make use of the self-service capabilities and update their contact details, raise concerns, and request duplicate statements. This helps organizations to boost their operational efficiencies by focusing on core tasks and at the same time increases the involvement of customers.

Regulatory-Compliant Communication– Organizations often struggle to keep up with regulatory requirements. In such cases, modern CCM software helps organizations in overcoming regulatory risk due to the pre-built compliance functionality. This functionality helps the compliance team to see a holistic view of the entire communications package while reviewing and analyzing the customer’s viewpoint. Thus, imparting organizations to fully control their outbound customer communications.

FCI with proven expertise in the domain of customer experience management solutions revolutionizes experiences for customer-facing businesses by delivering dynamic, interactive & highly personalized communications.

It’s time for you to think wisely and choose the right technology that not only delivers communications but introduces a channel of bi-directional & interactive dialogue with your customers.

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