AI is the new Customer Experience Management (CXM) Strategy

Customer Experience Management Strategy

What do you do whenever something goes wrong? Now think of this from the customer’s personas. To ensure customers stay loyal to the company, almost every company has a call center. In modern competitive times, improving customer experience management strategy in call centers is significant as simply operating a call center won’t help your business. It would positively develop customer personas in the long run.

Why does managing customer experience matter?  

  • 74% of top-level executives believe that customer experience enhancement has significantly impacted the customers’ enthusiasm for the brand, as per an Oracle survey.
  • 60% of the participants in a study by American Express were eager to pay extra for a better customer experience.
  • 80% of the big companies that participated in a study conducted by Bain & Company say their customer experience was great. For those companies, only 8% of customers resonate the same.

What actually is a great customer experience? 

Do you also think that customer experience enhancement is all about interaction? According to top-level industry experts, it seems to be much more. Apart from interaction, availability (different touchpoints) and the depth and quality of interaction (overall engagement) are crucial.

  • Touchpoints: It can be defined as a place or platform where any customer can come in direct contact with the executives of your brand. It can be from any source, an employee, a marketing message, or even a product. It can occur on different channels, platforms, and devices.
  • Interactions: How does the process of communication between the customer and the executive from your brand go? It depends on different means of interaction.
  • Engagement: What was the output and efficiency of the discussion? Whether it was fruitful or not.

Because so many companies don’t get the marketing experience right, it’s a significant competitive advantage for any company, and it has the potential to create much value.

Improving and Managing Customer Experience might seem difficult to many. However, it is not as challenging as it may seem. Here are some effective ways to upgrade customer experience:

1. Know Your Customers.

Knowing your customers is essential. If you don’t know the customers very well, you’ll not be able to get an idea of their problems with your business, and it will be challenging for the customer management team to enter into the shoes of your customers and actually feel what they are going through.

2. Improve Your Ideal Customer Experience Management.

Having good customer support for a bad experience is very harmful for any organization. Try to figure out what makes a great customer experience before creating a business strategy. Find out how you would ideally want the customers to feel when they use your product or service. You will also have to focus your efforts on delivering your intended marketing experience once you’ve decided on your version of the best customer experience.

3. Enhance CXM by Going Omnichannel.

You should consider going omnichannel by allowing your customers to communicate with you via any channel instead of adopting a multi-channel approach. This helps in removing disjointed systems between different departments.

4.Try to make fast and effective resolutions.

There should be a dedicated support system set up for every state in which the customer interacts with your business.

Make your customers self-reliant. Give them control of things and refrain from imposing your support team onto your customers. Try to present to them that the solution to the problem is already there. Below are some good examples:

  • Live chat features have been very trending in the past few days. A sweet greeting and a fast response time can enhance a potential customer’s overall thought process towards your brand and can even trigger a sale. You can also opt for a video-based experience to take it to the next level.
  • Customer support on Social Media has been a hot debate recently. People like to express themselves on social media. Hence, it is natural to vent out their frustration on any bad experience that your brand might have offered on a platform they are comfortable with. Therefore, it is crucial to have an active social media team to respond to customer queries efficiently and quickly.

5. Apply Artificial Intelligence to give a better experience.

Most of the customers try to choose a digital customer tool that acts as a self-service package compared than going over a call resolving trivial issues. This particular experience can be improved by AI. Let us talk about some of the benefits of AI:

  • Artificial Intelligence can generate auto-responses to common customer questions and feedback and even assist customers with specifically curated content.
  • AI can significantly take a heavy load off from your company employees who are responsible for attending to the customers otherwise.
  • With Artificial Intelligence, you can even manage and analyze your customer support across different regions and other demographics.

6. Make your customer service act as a marketing tool.

Marketing fundamentally means teaching and assisting customers about what’s so great about your particular business and eventually triggering them towards a purchase. With digitalization, there has been a drastic shift in customer support decision-making.

Customers have already researched basic and intermediate things. They are usually aware of all the benefits and problems your brand has; it’s the customer experience that might enhance the buying decision.

7. Analyse important metrics.

Missing important data that can enhance your business strategy by failing to analyze your customer experience metrics is a big no for major companies.

You can have a look at different sorts of data. Average response time, average resolution time, etc., to get started with. On top of it, just tracking the data won’t help either. Analyzing it to the extent that every team has an action to prevent repeated problems, again and again, is very important. Let us talk about some important metrics-

  • NPS – The Net Promoter Score presents what percentage of the customers are likely to recommend your brand to their family or friends.
  • CSAT – Customer Satisfaction Score can be defined as a metric of transactions that shows the satisfaction level of customers with the latest interaction, which is usually a customer service call or a purchase. It’s highly customizable and flexible.
  • CES – Customer Effort Score defines the inputs given by the customers in doing a particular task. That task can be discovering any specific product they were looking for or even getting a support request handled.

8. Identify the right tools.

Using the right CX tools is one of the most important things to enhance the client experience. This acts as just an investment in additional communication channels that will help in enhancing the customer experience.

When you choose the Right CXM Strategy, it encourages them to have more immersed and impactful communications with your brand. Which eventually helps in the end goal of fulfilling customer needs.

Any brand that is trying to improve its customer experience to one of the best in the market should opt for various digital tools available in the market. It is important to note that these modern digital tools go in line with the traditional tools that were already being used in organizations. These modern tools help your executives in responding quickly, and efficiently and make impactful actions quickly. Most importantly, these tools help handle the complaints and provide the customers with an efficient end-to-end experience. Some of the major tools that are opted by most of the big players in the market are-

  • Live chat – Deploying live chat in your organization helps provide fast responses to the support tickets and enhance the customer experience. Additionally, it helps in getting essential insights by mapping customer journeys to provide a personalized engagement.
  • Real-time engagement – You can also collaborate with your customers in a browser-based live tool and have a video interaction system set up that helps recognize the issues and give solutions on the spot.


Laying out efficient CXM benefits much more than assuring your customers that they are receiving the products and services in a smooth way. Every organization should recognise the right value of its CX strategy.

The brand that delivers an effective client experience develops an excellent value in the market. An efficient customer is the perfect catalyst for industry-level growth and helps brands stand out among the various choices posed to a customer. On top of it, it also helps make an everlasting impact that helps sustain organisations for longer terms and create a community around their customers.

Hence, as discussed in the article, it is vital for brands and organizations to inculcate a dedicated Customer Experience Management Strategy. We discussed multiple factors that are considered while thinking through a fresh strategy and also talked about some of the tricks that help execute those.