15 CX Statistics building your Business Communication Strategy

Customer Lifetime Value Good customer experience doesn’t only lead to happy customers, but it will conjointly result in additional revenue and different important benefits like customer loyalty, higher CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), etc. Customer Experience Stats FCI has gathered 15 eye-opening customer experience stats that each CX professional must understand in 2019, which shows how

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Top 10 Customer Experience Management Solutions for Your Business

Customers stick to only those brands that offer an outstanding experience. Better customer engagement drives new revenue through services. 2020 was the year of customer experience for businesses around the world, and CX specialists. Business leaders have captured their experience in thought-provoking customer experience quotes. First, let’s hear it from renowned Customer Experience Consultants who

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Streamline the cross-channel communication by integrating CCM & CXM

Organizations have become more customer-centric as they understand the requirements of fast-paced and digitally enabled customers. In an urge to build loyal customers, they are now moving their online communications from an outmoded business model to a sassy and digitized communication platform while focusing on offline communications too. However, there is a huge disconnect between

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