multi-channel vs. omni-channel

Multichannel Communication or Omnichannel Communication – Which is more effective?

The rising expectations of customers and technological advancements have changed the way in which interactions take place. Customers today are demanding more convenient, simplified, transparent and personalized communications. Successful organizations have understood the importance of investing in customer experience as it tends to be the crucial driver in delivering great business outcomes. Gradually, organizations have

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It’s time for Halloween! FCI keeps your customer experience alive with an agile CCM technology that provides the right mix of contextual communication with a smart analytics tool.

It’s time for Halloween; the kids in my locality have already started preparing for the day. From monster costumes, scary ghosts to skeleton outfits all can be seen in the nearby markets and shopping malls. I remember the Halloween nights of the 2000s when we used to get ready and run out of our houses

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A definitive guide for hyper-personalized Customer Communication Strategy

With technology evolving each day, the need for highly engaging, targeted and personalized customer communications has progressed dramatically. These communications are no longer paper-based and pdf-oriented but are self-serviceable and highly interactive, readily available across multiple digital channels. To improve customer satisfaction organizations must adopt a technology solution and effectively manage their all outbound communications.

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