CCM and CRM: Know the Difference!

Most businesses often find themselves stuck brainstorming which CRM they should use. But oftentimes, they fail to understand that more than a CRM, they need CCM for their Business. What do you think your business needs more? CCM or CRM? Subscribe us to stay tuned to this bite-size series on CCM and more!

How CCM Technology is boosting Business Communications Strategy?

Thanks to leading brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon, customer expectations are touching sky heights. Today, customers are more empowered and demand personalized relevant, and real-time communications. This is where the CCM Software comes into the picture. It has the capability to overcome all the blues of delivering high-quality, relevant, and interactive communications. Best CCM

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Customer Communications Management Transforming CX in Insurance

Harry and Sally recently subscribed to insurance policies from two different companies. Let’s see how transforming the Insurance customer experience impacts consumers’ perceptions and their decisions. Harry received a customized birthday card on his birthday and it says his nickname “Happy Birthday Harry”. Woah! Harry was delighted that his insurance company knows every little detail

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