Rethink Communications – Revitalize Customer Experience (CX) 

Customer Experience Management Platform

Ingredients for Personalized Experiences:

  1. Data, and
  2. Communications
Our experience with leading BFSI players in the global market has led us to a realization: Rethink customer communications the same as data. As you send out communications, basis customer behavior and other insights, you will optimize and make it more contextual for the next cycle. Hence, your communications keep getting refined, personalized, and relevant, leading to better experiences for the customers. That is why, just like data, IT departments of BFSI should start treating every communication delivered as an information asset that must be managed well. At FCI, we call it Communications led Experiences

The elements of “Communications led Experiences”

We believe in helping enterprises deliver personalized and contextual experiences to their customers by using a combination of:
  1. Data (customer information and needs)
  2. Communications (insight into how customers interact with your documents.)
Revitalize Customer Experience (CX)

How does FCI enable personalized experiences?

Here is our SaaS Customer Experience Management, VARTA makes your communications hyper-personalized by making the best use of your customer data. VARTA drives customer experiences that keep your brand ahead.
Weaponize your data legacy
Understand the customer journey and how they have interacted with your communications in the past. This will help you provide more relevant experiences by reaching the right person in the exact place and moment they want it.
Centralize and Strategize
Centralize customer data and all communications into a single repository to get a complete view of customers. Our single platform makes it feasible and valuable for all business users to access and strategize.
Break all silos and make it easier for business users to create communications using a single platform to access data and content. It also helps to understand which content drives customers to take action and ensure that relevant experiences are served to them.
Faster Time-to-Market
BFSI is a highly regulated market and every customer-facing communication being created must ensure multiple compliances, content approvals, and design approvals. All of this can sometimes take more than three months to get a new product into the market. VARTA’s simple drag-and-drop user interface fosters business agility by reducing the number of manual steps needed to create new experiences.

Final Words

FCI’s VARTA for Personalized Experience
As customer preferences and behaviors change, enterprises must adapt to the evolving market dynamics to meet new expectations. Several clients from Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities, and Healthcare have been able to scale their existing customer communications ecosystem by using FCI’s VARTA for creating, managing, and serving personalized experiences.
Personalized Experiences across the Customer Journey Lifecycle
With Customer Experience Management Transformation in action, it is time to acknowledge that data and communications have become two sides of the same coin. This means thinking of customer communications as data will pave way for serving personalized experiences across the customer journey lifecycle.
Time to get on this wagon and let the communications-led experience move you forward.
Digital Communications Transformation
FCI can help spark your Digital Communications transformation. Start your own virtuous cycle of experiences with VARTA, a customer communications and experience management tool that meets all your communications needs, from traditional print to dynamic PDF.
Empowering Businesses
With the help of VARTA, get insights into your customer behavior and segment data to ensure your content fits their preferences, no matter how often they change. Empower business users to deliver experiences at scale while reducing IT’s dependency. Learn more about how VARTA can help you deliver relevant communications and provide better experiences to your customers.
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