Digital Printing Services leveraging Customer Engagement

Best Customer Engagement Strategies through Digital Printing Services for Print Producers

The year 2017 saw Direct Mail making the greatest household impact, pertaining to the tangible experience it offers its customers. On the contrary, a United States Postal Services (USPS) report recorded a decline in transactional mail responses, owing to the swift adoption of electronic delivery and the mammoth emergence of social media.

Digital Print Solutions Improving Customer Engagement

Amidst all these revolutionary transformations, how would you continue to remain impactful and grow your print business?

We list down 5 strategies you can adopt to get your messages into the hands of the customer, and not lose ground to electronic alternatives.

  1. Go Paperless – Go Digital: Paperless adoption may be a big challenge for you or your client, but it comes with numerous advantages, the foremost being cost. Initially, an organization would need to invest time and money for such a transformation, but all the investment would prove worthwhile pertaining to greater efficiency and faster customer service.
  2. Never miss a chance to delight your customers: Print Service Providers need to climb up the value change and make use of interactive and personalized documents, rather than static ones. Document designing, composition, printing, and mailing should be in accordance with a customer’s preferred channel of communication. Clients are more likely to engage a PSP that offers end-to-end document presentation across multiple mediums. It helps them lower the volume of expensive customer service calls, fasten payment collection, and elevate customer retention.
  3. Analyze your IT Costs: Are your current IT infrastructure, both hardware, and software, capable of handling additional jobs that would be coming your way? If you’ve been using multiple bits of software for various tasks like data management, composition, designing, and digital print-making delivery, consider investing in an integrated tool like GMC Inspire or HP Exstream, that reduces efforts and saves time. An efficient software will not only execute more tasks at lower costs but also help you offer additional services.
  4. Adopt an Omni Channel Approach: When you spend on printing direct mailers, consider marketing digitally as well, as response rates go up when you combine print with email or text.

Digital Printing Services in 2022

Plan your resources: A large chunk of operational expenses for Digital Printing Companies goes into human resources. In times of extra workload or over capacity, instead of hiring resources, you can consider outsourced staff augmentation and save up to 50% cost.