How the ‘Connected Customer’ Determines Your CX Strategy

Improving Customer Experience

The importance of the Customer Experience Strategy has grown exponentially over the past few years. It continues to rise as businesses consider customer experience metrics an essential element in creating sales and customer value. In this digital world Brands keep the customer at the center, and mapping the customer journey is one of their development strategies. The popularity of social media culture or the internet has changed how a customer engages with a product or company in developing customer personas. Traditional methods lack channels or customer experience enhancement platforms that keep customers connected with the brand and updates. The advancement in technology and enormous information over the internet have connected customers to global networks. They can easily access information and share reviews. If you want to stand out from your competition, you must put your customer terms and requirements at the center and develop solutions accordingly. In this blog, we will explain how connected customers drive business goals.

What is a Connected Customer?

A connected customer is a customer linked to information, resources, and businesses through electronic devices, social media platforms, the internet, etc. They want information that is accessible easily, quickly, and in real-time. They want companies to understand their requirements and create new products or enhance the existing products based on their feedback. They follow a data-driven approach to making informed decisions.

The Characteristics of a Connected Customer

The following are the characteristics of a connected customer:

  • Well Informed and Practical
    Engages frequently with social media, the internet, and other communication mediums to access information for a better understanding of a brand promise, products, services, features, etc.
  • Values Personalization
    Values companies that offer customized products or services to meet their expectations.
  • Brand Influencer
    Influences a brand image by sharing their experience, feedback, and reviews of brands, and products they use.
  • Expects Immediate Results
    Time is a precious commodity. So, the connected customer expects results that are delivered fast and come without struggle.
  • Demands Authenticity
    Expects a seamless and consistent experience across all the communication channels they use to engage with brands and products.

How to Improve Customer Experience Journey?

  • Getting to Know Customers Better
    Customers are educated and way smarter compared to the old days. They understand what they want and choose the product that meets their expectations. If you wish to understand your customer, you must step into their shoes and implement a customer-centric approach to customer experience management. Gone are the days when customers used to call support agents when they needed help. No one wants to wait in a queue to speak to an agent. This approach only frustrates them and decreases their interest in the product or company. They want a solution that is quick and comes without struggling through various mediums. Today, customers prefer to read reviews and other information available over the internet before buying any product. Social media and the internet play a prime role in connecting customers with brands and their products.
  • Understand Customer Personas
    Understanding customer personas is a great way to build a long-term relationship with the customers. It helps you in understanding the psyche of your customer. It empowers you to design products or services in such a way that meets their expectations. To connect with your customers, you must start understanding their requirements and then focus on building empathy. Analyze their profile, behaviors, buying pattern, and pain points and offer a solution that addresses all of these. Engage customers in intuitive interactions. You must not wait for customers to come and tell you what they expect, instead be intuitive and anticipatory.
  • Pay More Attention to Customer Retention
    Connecting with customers is only the first step toward lead generation. It is equally important that you pay attention to ways to maintain a long-term relationship with them. It is not as easy as it sounds. With increasing customer expectations and several competitive products in the market, it becomes challenging to keep customers glued to your brand. You must go above and beyond to personalize the customer experience to make them feel valued and treated with utmost importance. A happy customer is likely to bring more business. They harness the power of social media to provide reviews or feedback on services/products they buy.
  • Utilize Appropriate Customer Channel to Increase Customer Reach
    You must not hesitate to utilize appropriate communication channels that help in increasing the customer reach. Customers do not pay attention to brochures or other documents to know about new products or offers. So, how will they know if you have launched new services in the market? How will the customer know if you are offering exciting offers on your products and services?
    A communication channel comes to the rescue, as it delivers the relevant content at the right time through the right communication channel. It records customer profiles, behavior, buying pattern, and other information, analyzes, and provides meaningful insights to increase customer understanding. A customer would prefer notification on their phone when a sale goes live. They would like to interact with brands using different devices like laptops/smartphones/tablets. Communication channels deliver what customers want when they need it and where they need it. It also captures real-time service feedback and provides actionable items to ensure that you take corrective action to meet customer expectations. Implement a strategy that engages customers and enhances customer experience.
  • Implement a Proactive Communication Strategy
    Proactive communication is a communication approach that communicates ideas, information, and notifications to customers using several communication channels. This communication approach is crucial for delivering a connected customer experience. It shows that you value your customers the most. It shows your dedication to providing upcoming news or ideas to them. It establishes trust and loyalty. At the same time, it delivers insights into your future products or services to the customers.
  • The Power of an Omni-Channel Strategy
    Customers do not care what channels they use if they are getting the information they need. But they certainly prefer a single platform that comes with multiple functions and features. The ideal individual channel does not exist anymore. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way how companies interact with their customers. Predictive analysis, deploying chatbots, and deploying intelligent platforms is the new trend. Therefore, companies must quickly evolve to integrate their communication channel in response.
    The breakthrough in technology has resulted in a paradigm shift in the customer’s habits. This shift brings new challenges in business strategies to adapt and deploy solutions that meet customers’ expectations. Shifting from single or multi-channel to omnichannel communication is the need of the hour. A multi-channel strategy is a marketing strategy that sells services or products using more than one channel. The content for each channel varies based on how customers interact with that channel. For example, a company utilizes paper-based brochures, emails, and newsletters to advertise its products. The multi-channel strategy uses multiple channels to enhance the marketing experience and reach customers generating more leads.
    On the other hand, omnichannel communication delivers a single message over all the channels. It puts the customer at the core of the business and creates a holistic, integrated, and personalized shopping experience for your customers. It mainly relies on customer data (customer behavior, buying pattern, interests, and previous interactions) to drive meaningful insights. You can utilize these insights to enhance the customer experience.

Principles that Deliver the Connected Customer Experience

The product or brand only stays in the market if it meets the related customer expectations. Therefore, you must not only focus on the technology but also figure out how customers prefer to apply that technology to solve their pain points.

  • Think Human First
    Step into the customer’s shoes and think from their perspective. You must analyze their pain points, implement a customer-centric approach, and offer a solution to solve their problems.
  • Enable Intuitive, Predictive, and Personalized Interactions
    Customers value personalized communication more than the price of the product. Customers want to feel valued and want you to hear their voices. They want your attention. Therefore, enable proactive communication and deliver customized products or services to increase customer engagement.
  • Discard Separate Channels
    It is crucial to understand the value of effectively managing customer communications beyond just the sales metrics. Rather than delivering information scattered over multiple channels, implement an omnichannel communication that combines voice, email, website, applications, videos, bots, etc. To keep them glued to your brand, deliver a seamless and integrated customer experience across all the channels.


Now you understand how connected customers drive business goals and bring more opportunities. Companies that keep their customers’ interests first always lead the market. Learn how customers absorb your products and services and implement your observation in creating a vision for them. A customer experience management software is beneficial in increasing your customer reach. CCM platform collects and stores a big chunk of data on customers at every touchpoint throughout their journey. This data collected can be used by organizations to interpret meaningful insights about their customers like their preferences, behaviors, purchasing patterns, etc. Businesses can then use this information to provide a personalized and interactive customer experience.

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