How Personalized Videos Marketing Improves Customer Experience?

Personalized Videos

Videos are one of the most effective methods to reach your potential customers efficiently and effectively. Using videos on landing pages, we can increase the conversion rate by 80%. It helps marketers expand their connections and convert more leads. The desire to purchase an item increases by 64-84% after watching a video. But the problem lies in using videos in a typical manner, attaching them to emails, or using them as advertisements. These methods fail to attract the target audience, and usually, the marketing campaign collapses. Hence, companies use personalized communication techniques in their videos. Nearly 80% of companies have reported sales growth by using personalized video solutions.

Why use personalization: 

Personalization can trigger action. It can activate a person’s thoughts that propel him/her to take action. It uses the psychological trigger “Only for Me.” When someone addresses us by our name during a conversation, we tend to pay more attention. Similarly, Interactive Personalized Videos get attention due to interactive content. We can use personalized messages, real-time chatbots, real-time SMS, and customized videos.

Benefits of personalization: 

  • It enhances the customer experience.
  • It can increase the rate of conversion.
  • It can build communication channels.
  • The corporates can use segmentation to target their potential customers via email.
  • It qualifies the audience easily.
  • It ensures customer retention.
  • It increases the trust of the customer.
Benefits of personalization

Marketers can use real-time analytics on their personalized content to get customer information and valuable customer insights. They can use multilingual communication in their interactive videos. It also enables companies to provide a customized user experience through targeted communication.


What are personalized videos, and why are they different?

We need to include all the steps (AIDA) of the sales funnel in video content. After that, we have to personalize it by collecting a customer’s details. We must implement individualized communications in videos to provide enhanced customer experiences to customers.

Generally, companies use personalization through ‘merge tags.’ It is called simple personalization. Small video messages containing a customer’s name and details, but personalization is bigger than this. With various powerful marketing tools, companies can target their audience based on gender, age, job title, industry, etc.

In this digital era, Interactive Video Technology surprises the audience. It can initiate real-time interactions. Companies need to act creatively to launch personalized product videos that deliver business. The goal is to impress the viewers. The main objective of a marketing campaign is to generate more leads and convert them. On receiving the details of a customer, a company can start the personalization process. A personalized video can be about any topic, but it has to be relevant to the prospect or customer. The primary goal is better customer engagement and customer satisfaction.


How personalized videos increase customer experience and conversions:

Customer Experience Videos are a great tool to increase click-through rates. It also increases open rates. If your audience sees his/her name, interests, and other important details in a personalized email, he/she is more likely to open it. This ensures that the customer reads the emails.

Personalizing Experience:

Personalized content has a higher potential for customer and prospect engagement. Companies can personalize and publish content for each viewer. Customers know that companies collect their data by observing their online behavior. Hence, they usually avoid viewing unwanted and irrelevant marketing messages. This means that companies must give them a relevant, personalized experience. There is a ton of content on the internet. People tend to scroll their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other accounts for engaging content. They often scan their mailbox to open interesting, valuable, and entertaining content. Hence, the most impressive way to grab a customer’s attention is through personalized videos.

Unique Experience:

Using customer names at the beginning of a video alone will not give them the wow feeling. It isn’t easy to engage customers with a generalized video. Companies need to provide valuable unique content relevant to their interests. Using customer insights and data, companies can deliver unique videos to each viewer to address their habits, interests, and desires. Companies can use personalized videos to provide a unique customer experience enhancement through interactive communications. The objective is to let the viewer control the flow of their content, making them feel empowered. They can learn everything about their interests through short videos specially designed for them.

Satisfaction Enhancement:

Videos are the best way to provide information. It helps prospects understand the topic quickly. Personalized videos satisfy this objective and increase engagement. Consumers become more attentive and enjoy such content. These interactive videos can provide memorable moments to customers that a typical automated email response fails to do. The difference is like getting a handwritten thank you note on a special occasion instead of an automated one.

Passive Promotion:

Customers feel delighted viewing an interactive video and will want to share the experience with everyone. Either they will talk about it or share it on social media. This will promote the product or service passively and get more conversions. Thus, your customer base will grow without fresh investments. It will strengthen the manufacturer-customer relationship and will increase the lifetime value (LTV).


How FCI helps you personalize videos

FCI helps organizations across industries like insurance, banking, financial services, healthcare, etc., generate personalized content and accomplish the ‘One Brand, One Platform, and One Experience’ model of customer experience management. FCI offers professional services for CCM (Customer Communication Management). Organizations can design, manage, and deliver personalized videos. FCI works with organizations and gives a competitive edge to their transactional communications (batch, ad-hoc communications, on-demand communications).

For example, a financial services organization can send personalized videos to their customers updating them about relevant savings schemes, monthly expenses, investment recommendations, insurance details, etc., instead of PDFs. It will likely get them more conversions, and customers will enjoy the video experience.


Personalized videos are a great way to deliver information to viewers by considering nuances. It makes video marketing more effective. It can increase user engagement. Personalization can strengthen the sales funnel, assist companies in executing multi-level marketing, and ensure sales growth. According to CMO, personalization can generate a 6x higher transaction rate. Companies can grow their conversion rates gradually. Statistics say that the personalization of CTA can increase conversion rates by 42%. Prospects and B2B customers demand video content when gathering product information. Personalized videos meet such requirements. Marketers have the power to deliver a customized user experience using this technique. Start personalizing your videos and experience exponential business growth.