It’s time for Halloween! FCI keeps your customer experience alive with an agile CCM technology that provides the right mix of contextual communication with a smart analytics tool.

Customer Experience Goals

It’s time for Halloween; the kids in my locality have already started preparing for the day. From monster costumes, scary ghosts to skeleton outfits all can be seen in the nearby markets and shopping malls. I remember the Halloween nights of the 2000s when we used to get ready and run out of our houses in groups to collect candies. Kids who used to stay later in the night for the candy collection were the ones who had the most of them.

I always used to plan on staying out late in the night with my friends to have hands on more candies but unfortunately, due to one or the other reasons, my plan always failed. The reasons typically included – fog machines, dark nights, the fear of seeing witches and zombies crawling in the nearby gardens. Suddenly, Halloween was no more fun for me. The experience of joy and contentment used to vanish with the Halloween mid-night. I always ended my Halloween nights with an empty bowl of candy and tears in my eyes.

Customer Experience and Halloween Nights

How Customer Experience can be related to a Halloween Night?

Often the experience that we provide to our customers can be like the deadly fear of the kids as on the Halloween night. The customer experience journey can start on a fun note but usually end up in a ditch with stale and rotten memories surrounding.
In my opinion, those of us who learn to surpass the entire Halloween nightmares are the ones who are truly able to gather memories to be cherished every year. The similar concept applies to the customer experience industry where the customers are like kids wandering for the bigger share of the candy and end up with an empty bowl, i.e., poor experience.

Agile Customer Experience Technology

Customers expect instant services and resolution to their queries. Any delay in the aforesaid statement might lead to the customers defecting to competition and you diving into a business full of losses. Since customer experience is the lifeblood for any business, it becomes imperative for organizations to focus more on the bigger outcome – ‘The Customer Satisfaction.’

So, this Halloween let’s stop spooking our customers and celebrate it with a nightmare free mind. Here are a few lessons that Halloween teaches us about customer experience:

  1. Stop irritating your customers: Creating great customer experience can be a tough task but with the right strategy in place, it can be a cakewalk for organizations. There is a very thin line between a good and bad customer experience. To assure that you don’t land into a pit full of the bad word of mouth it is very important for you to incorporate an agile technology along with an intelligent business tool. This will help you to understands the need of your customers so that you deliver long-lasting memories with an excellent service on-time. So, organizations should stop acting like a witch of Halloween when talking to kids (customers) and listen to them closely to understand their requirements and pain-points, thence delivering the service that they are craving for.
  2. Don’t let bad word of mouth overshadow your business: Well, we all know that running a business can have few risks. And, negative word of mouth is one such risk that every business today has been encountering in terms of poor customer experience. The secret behind every successful business is its capability to differentiate itself from competition and to provide its customers with an overwhelming attention that today’s customer seeks from their service providers. Hence, organizations should be proactive in taking actual feedbacks from their customers via communications sent to them and address those issues mentioned in the feedback. This will further reduce any chances of bad word of mouth and let your organization flourish.
  3. Keep the excellence in CX alive: Providing great customer experience not only help brands in reviving their customer relationship management game but at the same time brings in more loyal customers. Customer experience directly impacts the ability of a customer to be a loyal brand advocate. And, organizations who deliver consistent and relevant experiences throughout the customer journey are the one witnessing higher customer satisfaction rates. Thus, keeping the customer experience alive should be one of the major goals for organizations and achieving it with an agile customer experience technology that provides the right mix of contextual communications and interactivity can be a true game changer.
  4. Start focusing on your analytics tool: Data analytics is one of the most important aspects of every sector, be it banking, insurance, utility, hospitality, etc. Flooding your business with analytics and not analyzing those data can be one of the major downturns. Since the hyper-connected customers expect super-fast service; it becomes imperative for businesses to provide proactive services, which is only possible with a smart analytics tool. With the help of the tool, organizations can track customer’s behavior, analyze it and accordingly deliver intelligent outcomes.

So, this Halloween let’s stop tricking our customers by neglecting their needs and blow their mind by treating them with an exemplary experience!

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Do not forget to share your Halloween experience with us in the comments section below.