Customer Communications Management Transforming CX in Insurance

CCM Software Solutions for Insurance Sector

Harry and Sally recently subscribed to insurance policies from two different companies. Let’s see how transforming Insurance customer experience impacts consumers’ perceptions and their decisions.

Harry received a customized birthday card on his birthday and it says his nickname “Happy Birthday Harry”.

Woah! Harry was delighted that his insurance company knows every little detail about him.

Now, Harry is planning to take up another policy. Harry makes a call to his insurance agent to know details of the policy and the premium and schedule. But, unlike in the past, this time an insurance executive arrives at his home with a laptop and captures all his details. He fills Harry’s proposal form online while Harry clarifies all his queries regarding the policy.

After the proposal form submission, he gets a text about form submission and his application number, an email follows with the policy bond attached, he receives a call from the insurance companies customer care welcoming him and she suggests an option to download an app for tracking, claims registrations, chat option with customer care, which he downloads promptly. Later in the week, he gets the policy bond in the mail.

Wow!! Harry is impressed and assured that all the info is within reach, whenever he wants. No hassles, no form filling, and rapid services. He is impressed with his insurance company.


Sally is a worried woman. She has been waiting for the last 20 days but she hasn’t received the policy bond yet. She has also visited her insurance company twice and had to re-fill the proposal form.

Now, Sally has taken up the matter in writing and has also made a call to her insurance executive for the same. The insurance executive has asked Sally for some additional documents and has made sure that she will be receiving her policy bond within 3-4 days.

At last, Sally receives her policy bond, an email regarding the delivery of the bond, and after a few days a text message regarding the delivery. Sally never gets around to checking her email and so for her, this insurance company has not notified her efficiently about the delivery. Sally also never receives premium renewal notices, although she prefers to get a text since a notice in email is mostly delayed.

Sally is doubtful about her insurance company and is unhappy with their services and looking to switch her insurance provider.

Harry meets Sally

Harry meets Sally and gets to know why Sally is worried. Being a good friend Harry suggests Sally switch to her insurance company because he had an excellent experience. Sally’s insurance company loses a customer and she is not the only one.

Sally’s insurance company is spending too much time, money, and effort but is still losing customers.

Multiple forms, confusing communication, and delay in communication are one of the reasons for Sally’s bad customer experience. Today customer is more informed and always on move than ever before; they expect insurers to communicate to be timely, clear, personalized and in the form, they wish to receive. They do not want to talk to a customer care representative for everything
Now, the moot question: Are insurance companies communicating effectively with their customers? Have they adopted the new digital mode efficiently?

The answer is Not everyone. Many small insurance companies are not able to keep pace with the emerging technologies and customer requirements just like in Sally’s case. This leads to customer churn and loss of revenue. They spend time, and money, and put effort into an old and outdated legacy platform, which was good for print-centric communication.

CCM Tools Boosting Customer Services

What is the Solution?

The inability to create CCM templates, deliver documents on time, and an increase in customer complaints (like in Sally’s case) showcase that the companies are very slow in adapting new products in the market.

What can they do?

Adopt a customer communication management (CCM) strategy and deploy a modern CCM platform like GMC Inspire, HP Exstream, or PB Doc1. Many companies are discouraged by heavy investment in these enterprise-grade applications and the specialized resources required to manage these. One way to tide over this challenge is to look out for cloud solutions or applications as a service – Doxee is one such cloud-based customer communications platform but these platforms still require specialized resources. If you are starting your journey in Customer communications management in the insurance sector the best way could be

  • Managed CCM service – were like a cloud you do not own the application and you get all your communications control created by the Managed CCM
  • Service Partner – this mitigates the need to have specialized resources.

CCM Solutions for Insurance Communications Management

A well-adopted CCM Insurance Strategy delivers the following benefits:

  • Strengthen your customer relationships with advanced Template Management strategy and Claims Management
  • Significant time savings and operational efficiencies
  • Flexibility to act quickly with customers
  • Effective communications management in Insurance Industry
  • The integrated process through cutting-edge CCM tools