Cloud-based CCM Solutions for enhanced CX Management

It is impossible to avoid “The Cloud” and for good reason too. Accessing information, services, and storage at low costs, improving upon workflow and flexibility, and making the business perform better can happen much easier than ever before. Due to such advantages, more than half of US-based businesses, use cloud computing. Moreover, there are no up-front costs because of the flexibility it provides- it grows with demand.

Cloud-based Customer Communications Management (CCM Cloud) is perhaps the next “big thing” in cloud computing. Providing Communications-as-a-Service(CaaS) to customers is becoming difficult but customer communications on the cloud via CCM are making things more effective and simpler than ever.

Enhanced Customer Experience (CX) for Business Success

Printed correspondence and direct mail are slowly fading out giving way to cloud-enabled CCM. As a result, managing the experiences of a customer is becoming more complicated and yet it is imperative for business success.

Customers demand a highly personalized, interactive, responsive, and seamless experience across multiple channels. Cloud-based Communication Management Platforms have revolutionized the way in which companies communicate professionally and cost-effectively.

To meet such requirements of a modern-day business, here are some value-adding solutions so that you can increase productivity and also improve service to your customers.

These Cloud-based Solutions come with a host of advantages:

  1. It lays stress on engagement and not only technology- Cloud CCM is that platform that enables not only strategic but also thoughtful activity behind how your company engages with clients on a regular basis. Cloud CCM can centralize disparate systems, and processes that revolve around transactional customer experience management (CXM), marketing, and communications that aid in improving brand and customer experiences. It helps to generate results through a strategic approach to managing customer engagement rather than technically focusing on managing customer interactions.
  2. Caring for Customers- Cloud CCM is a platform that cares for customers which would translate to a successful business. In the way that acquiring new customers is important, it is also necessary to maintain existing customers. It helps in building a social community of happy customers who would refer your company to others.
  3. Get More Out Of People Investment- With collaboration and Vendor Assessment Tools being cloud-based, your teams can be in touch irrespective of location and time. Click-to-call services, video conferences, document sharing, accessing corporate directories, and using instant messaging would be possible resulting in higher productivity levels that would help build the bottom line.
  4. Protection Of Business From Expensive Downtimes- It might be extremely expensive to build redundancy and failover capabilities for ensuring the availability of vital communication connectivity. Factors like component failures and power loss can interrupt your business. Top providers generally host services in completely secure, geographically separated centers that ensure continuous services even in the face of failure. In fact, there are written Service Level Agreements that ensure the uptime that you so expect. This is one of the most important protective gear that can be availed when communication channels are cloud-based.
    The future

Seamless Customer Experience with Cloud Communications

In this Digital Transformation Era, customer communications are expected to reach 80% by 2022.

Though the cloud communications market is emerging, 32% of businesses are presently using this platform for customer interaction and retention. This year it is expected to double to 61% and by 2022 it might reach 80%.