Enhancing Digital Onboarding Experience for Banking & Financial Services

Digital Customer Onboarding For Banks and Financial Services

A leading bank in the USA with a presence in 60 countries, decided to revive its digital account opening process for customers. Overloaded with different product lines- CASA, loans, term deposits, etc., the bank failed to deliver a digital onboarding customer experience. Thus, opening a new account in the bank was still an extensive process and included a traditional paper-based model where the customer was required to fill in multiple forms. These forms were usually lengthy and were the basic requirement for onboarding customers.

Digital Customer Onboarding Issues

The onboarding documents process became a costly affair for the bank with the extensive involvement of the back office and the continuous interactions with the customers. The bank started facing other issues:

  1. More customers dropping out of the onboarding process
  2. Increased Customer frustration with paper or the volume of information required
  3. Lack of a holistic onboarding platform that delivers a unique onboarding software experience
  4. A customer feedback mechanism to drive continual improvements was not in place
  5. Lack of smart insight to analyze customer onboarding portal
  6. An increase in onboarding time led to more customer frustration
  7. Employee satisfaction and employee productivity got hampered

Customers today want digital experiences that are superlative, sophisticated, and flexible to meet their daily needs.

What could have the bank done to optimize its onboarding customer experience?

When evaluating the above onboarding experience, the bank should understand the reason behind setting up the onboarding journey. It can either be for ease of business or for the delight of the customer. A well-made customer onboarding process template understands the customers & their journeys’ to deliver a truly magnificent onboarding experience.

As every customer’s onboarding journey is different with different experiences being delivered, customers might face friction in terms of process delays, re-verification, tedious forms, etc. An onboarding experience represents the first interaction that a customer has with a bank and it’s the only chance for the bank to build long-term loyalty. Thus, the above bank should have enhanced and enriched its customer onboarding process while moving from the traditional paper-based process to a seamless omnichannel customer experience.

CCM Software for Digital Onboarding

Here are 3 Factors important for creating a successful Digital Customer Onboarding Process:

1. Omni-channel Customer Experience: Providing customers the option to switch to different channels can improve the adoption of a digital strategy and at the same time make the onboarding process more convenient. It also means providing customers with an omnichannel strategy that gives them the option to start from one channel and seamlessly migrate to another. In order to deliver an omnichannel onboarding experience to customers, banks must make a move from the traditional paper-based and inconvenient onboarding process to a seamless omnichannel customer experience journey.

2. Exemplary Business Architecture: Banks need to reconsider their overall business architecture since it is one of the most important factors when onboarding customers. The kind of process that a bank has while onboarding a new customer, will represent the future relationship that the bank will have with the customer. Since onboarding encompasses various processes like documentation, data collection, KYC, verification, etc., it becomes quite necessary for the banks to establish a bond that is long-lasting and results in higher profit margins.

A few of the essential technologies and integrations required at the time of onboarding are:

  1. Optical character recognition verifies the customer’s identity by extracting text-based data from documents.
  2. Facial recognition or an anti-impersonation solution that recognizes the person applying for an account by matching the description provided on the documents.
  3. The KYC “Know Your Customer” background verification to access the potential threat by a customer.
  4. An electronic signature device to ensure that the documents are duly signed.
  5. Real-time onboarding status is available for the customers to track their onboarding journey.
  6. CCM Software to ensure seamless onboarding of customers by proactively engaging with them and sharing timely and relevant communications on the channel of their preference.

3. Regulatory Compliance: When talking about the Digitization of the onboarding process template, banks consider IT to be the most complex part. But, it’s not the case as regulations and compliance are more complex than IT processes requiring thorough scrutinization before the launch of the new digital onboarding process. As digital onboarding is a relatively new process, hence the regulations are not specifically detailed about the complete process. Thus, these challenges have to be considered at the beginning of the digital onboarding process and consolidated in the plan.

Some of the Benefits of Digital Customer Onboarding are:

  1. Consistent and intuitive onboarding processes
  2. Auto-fetched and pre-filled customer details in forms
  3. Reduced KYC due diligence time
  4. Higher customer satisfaction with improved turnaround times
  5. Digital processes and interactive strategies
  6. An increase in customer digital usage, adoption, and loyalty

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