4 CCM Software Solutions improving Utility Customer Experience

Best CCM Software for Utility Sector

The stiff competition and expanding regulations in the market have compelled the entire utility sector to rethink its Utility Communications Strategy. With the rising number of transactions and information-heavy documents, it has become difficult for the industry to deliver a paperless experience that tends to improve the entire customer journey. With information available in abundance, generating varying documents in high volumes becomes quite a daunting task.

Majority of the utility organizations are still dependent on legacy systems. With unstructured communication strategies and siloed processes, these organizations are delivering superficial customer experiences. Either these organizations have avoided upgrading their existing platform or have failed to understand the importance of customer communication management.

Moreover, delivering timely, personalized, and contextual communications has become a tough nut to crack.

CCM Software for Utilities Communications

An agile Customer Communication Management (CCM) software eradicates such challenges by consolidating the data and information into a single interactive document.

With CCM software you can deliver Utility billing statements with features that will help their customers in understanding the monthly usage, including comparisons and trends for other months.

Here are four ways in which Customer Communication Management Software can help the Utility Sector in delivering smarter, and more futuristic customer experience strategies:

  1. Interactive Account Statements And Bills: With CCM software Utilities Customer Experience can constantly innovate and deliver omnichannel communications to customers. The need for enriched customer engagement has always been a priority when it comes to delivering level par excellence to the customers. With customers, communication management technology organizations can deliver highly personalized and interactive statements to customers in the form of web-based dynamic HTML bills received on emails. The dynamic bill includes data summaries, transactional sorting of data, graphs, embedded spreadsheets, and multiple call-to-actions.
  2. Digital Onboarding: One of the major challenges faced by the utility sector is the lack of an extraordinary onboarding process. CCM software empowers organizations with a centralized and comprehensive communication platform. It not only provides a real-time engagement but at the same time provides the flexibility of anywhere, anytime seamless service. The transition from manual to digital onboarding by capturing the information, identification, and other relevant data of the customer along with e-signatures to integrate with other external systems is now possible. With digital onboarding, the utility experience can ensure consistency in customer information as the manual errors of filling paper-based documents get reduced.
  3. Reduced Regulatory Compliance: Across the board utility sector has been struggling in overcoming regulatory compliance which has limited its ability to implement customer communication strategy. This has been affecting the agility and the capabilities of the utility industry to deliver new products and improve customer outreach via different channels. With CCM software utility organizations don’t have to depend on third-party vendors for getting their documents printed. They can simply log in to the software and make changes to the existing documents or create a new document as per the regulatory compliances. Thus, customer communication management software reduces compliance risk and improves efficiency by enabling the team to collaborate throughout the communication processes.
  4. Personalized Upsell And Cross-Sell Promotions: One of the major advantages of highly personalized and dynamic customer communications is the possibility to increase revenue from your existing customers. Monthly billing statements and other transactional documents are highly effective modes to up-sell and cross-sell. These bills can include promotional messages and ads as per customer behavior and drive revenue via dedicated landing pages. By following a more focused approach based on the customer journey, CCM can allow organizations to achieve better results.

Utility Experience and Risk Management

Thus, Utility Customer Experience Management Solutions reduces compliance risk and improves efficiency by enabling the team to collaborate throughout the communication processes.

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional methods of static communications and hello to all-new dynamic, personalized, and interactive communications.

With FCI (Customer Experience Management Company), organizations can constantly innovate and deliver omnichannel customer communications.

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