Introduction to CCM based KYC Automation

Non-performing loans shared up to 50% of gross loans in some countries as reported by The World Bank in 2018. In countries like San Marino, Ukraine, Equatorial Guinea the ratio of NPAs (non-performing assets) rose to 53.0%, 48.4%, and 36.7% respectively. NPLs cost FIs (financial institutions) as high as €205 Billion (EU only), ₹10.36 Trillion

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CCM Migration

Making CCM Migration Easy for You [Infographic]

Ignoring the importance of migrating legacy IT customer communication systems to the next generation CCM solutions is almost impossible. Especially, in industries like banking, insurance, Utility, Telecom, etc., where most of the processes are document-intensive. Though CCM Migration is a tough task but with the right guidance, it can be a seamless process for organizations.

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Providing Seamless Customer Experience to the Key Demographic – The Millennials

Millennials are redefining Customer Experience! Rapid changes in technology and the convergence of social, mobile, cloud, and big data are fueling exponential growth from connected customers. There is enormous potential to strengthen customer communications, make them dynamic and interactive, and enhance the customer experience. Well connected, well informed and empowered customers are more satisfied, they

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