Does Your CCM Software sit under a Compliance Technology?

Complying with Regulatory norms is essential for running a business. As these regulations become more rigid, document-based and process heavy organizations start facing numerous operating challenges. These organizations have to meet their customer’s demand while not compromising on other security standards. Thus, it becomes quite obvious that winning the compliance battle is not an easy

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Customer Engagement Rules for your Journey to Brand Advocates [Infographic]

Organizations that offer superior and effortless experiences are winning the race to the top. These organizations constantly work on their customer engagement challenges and thrive to deliver more than what their customer expects. For the new-age firms, the customer experience has been on a spin due to the rising expectations of the hyper-connected customers. These

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The Converging Point between CCM & CXM

Organizations have become more customer-centric as they understand the requirements of fast-paced and digitally enabled customers. In an urge to build loyal customers, they are now moving their online communications from outmoded business model to a sassy and digitalized one while focusing on offline communications too. However, there is a huge disconnect between the online

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