Delight your Customers with insurance Communication Management strategy

Harry and Sally recently subscribed to insurance policies from two different companies. Let’s see how communications impact consumers’ perceptions and their decisions. Harry received a customized birthday card on his birthday and it says his nick-name “Happy Birthday Harry”. Woah! Harry was delighted that his insurance company knows every little detail about him. Now, Harry

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Determine the Customer onboarding challenges with CCM platform

Customer onboarding has emerged as key service differentiator in banking, insurance, and financial services sectors. Almost 75% of all cross-sell opportunities lie within first 3 months of new customer acquisition. A robust communications strategy has great potential to control the customer experience during onboarding. From initial acknowledgment to the customer for receipt of their policy

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Looking out for the best CCM platform?

Financial Institutions like Banks & Insurance, Telcos, and Healthcare organizations have a lot at stake when it comes to communicating effectively with their customers. You invested heavily in terms of time, money and effort in implementing best of breed application like OpenText Exstream, GMC Inspire or DOC1. The implementation of CCM itself would have taken a good

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