Interactive customer communications by HTML5

Personalised HTML communication creates a bond with the customer in business transactions. It increases the brand credibility and user experience. If personalised messages could create such an impact, imagine how much it could be for a hyper-personalised HTML message. Interactive communication can be incorporated in creating, sending, and gathering personalised business correspondence such as marketing

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ccm vs crm banner

How CCM and CRM differ?

Most businesses often find themselves stuck brainstorming which CRM they should use. But often times, they fail to understand that more than a CRM, they need CCM capability for their business.What do you think your business needs more? CCM or CRM? Subscribe us to stay tuned to this bite-size series on CCM and more!

Reshape Utility Billing Experiences with Customer Communications

The Fault Line & Solution for Paper-Based Utility Billing Customer Experiences

Amidst the ever increasing consumer base of utilities many industrial transformations have led the markets for years. Yet some critical customer satisfaction aspects remain untouched. Billing Experiences in the Utilities Industry haven’t changed for the last 50 years. The effect of Grid Modernization and Integrated Utilities has not converted into the cumulative last mile delivery

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