Achieving CX Excellence in Utilities with CCM Software

Best Customer Communication Management Software In Utility Sector

We all want our business to get results.
We want more eyeballs on our business and we want that attention to be fruitful.
But how can we get the results that we wish to achieve?

Well, achieving business goals can be a tough nut to crack, especially for the industries relying on legacy platforms and functioning in operational silos.  Same stands true for the Utility sector where the entire operations are based on paper intensive and usage driven processes. These legacy platforms have become a bottleneck for the utility firms while limiting the amount of agility and holding them back from being future-ready.

Furthermore, the Utility sector is facing increased competition with ever-changing regulations and government norms. And, the situation has worsened with the increasing customer base that makes it difficult for the industry to deliver insightful billing statements and contextual communications.

Cost Effective CCM Software

To stand apart from the competition and deliver experiences that make customers yearning for repeat services, it becomes essential for the utility sector to re-think their document heavy and customer-facing processes. This can be easily achieved by eradicating the manual and time-consuming processes which will ultimately help the organizations to deliver unimpeachable customer experience.

This is where the CCM software comes into the picture and slows down the complexities of delivering a remarkable customer experience. With CCM software, utility industry can increase their profit margins by including cross-sell and up-sell opportunities while delivering interactive and dynamic billing statements and other documents. These documents help customers to analyze their usage, raise concerns in real-time and reduce the need to call their utility service providers. CCM software can help utility organizations to:

  • Collaborate customer information from different sources into a single window
  • Deliver interactive and contextual information via a unified platform.
  • Maintain consistency and deliver omni-channel communications on-time across multiple touchpoints
  • Personalize communications by leveraging pre-defined business rules.
  • Create cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Comply with regulatory standards

To know more about the other benefits in detail, read “How CCM Software is gaining spotlight in the Utility Sector.”

Following are few of the challenges that a customer communication management suite solves:

  • Disintegrated view of customers– Majority of customers in the utility sector want more in terms of clear and bi-directional communications related to monthly bills, change in rates, etc. The legacy platforms being used in these organizations generally lack the capability to provide an integrated view of customers. This makes it difficult for the utility firms to analyze the collected information and deliver as per the customer’s expectations. With an agile CCM technology, utility firms can have a centralized view of customers that will help them to seamlessly create, send, receive and store communication and documents all in one place.
  • Lack of insightful billing statement– The rising usage and services available at differentiating prices have made it challenging for utility service providers to retain customers. Today, the customers are demanding solutions that help them in analyzing their usage including cautions and suggestions. With a customer communication management software organization can deliver highly personalized and responsive statements to customers in the form of web-based dynamic HTML bills received via emails. The dynamic bill includes data summaries, transactional sorting of data, graphs, embedded spreadsheets and multiple call-to-actions.
  • Low on providing true omni-channel experience: The digitally connected customers demand communications on their preferred channels as and when needed. Without a right technology in place, exceeding customer’s expectations can be a daunting task for the utility service providers. Legacy systems and the age-old technologies have made it difficult for these organizations to deliver seamless and consistent communications. With an omni-channel approach, the utility sector can efficiently operate via a single window, fostering high-level of customer experiences across various touchpoints.
  • High Compliance risk and privacy regulations- The utility sector is facing hardship in responding to the disruptive economy. With ever-changing government norms and regulations, it has become quite difficult for them to implement customer communication strategies that harness great customer experiences. This has limited the capability of the utility sectors to deliver new products and improve the customer outreach via different channels. Thence, it is advisable for the utilities to implement a strategy that reduces compliance risk and improves efficiency throughout the communication processes.
  • Lack of customer journey analytics- Tracking down customer behavior and sending them proactive information is one of the challenges being faced by the utility sector. For a long time, Utility companies were in the driver’s seat when it came to customer communications. But with the digital consumers changing the rules of the games, utility providers are forced to communicate with them on a personalized, relevant and contextual basis. This can only be achieved with an intelligent technology that tracks and analyses the buying behavior of the customers and thereafter provides insights that can be converted into meaningful actions.

Best Omni-Channel Customer Communication

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