Introduction to CCM based KYC Automation

Non-performing loans shared up to 50% of gross loans in some countries as reported by The World Bank in 2018. In countries like San Marino, Ukraine, Equatorial Guinea the ratio of NPAs (non-performing assets) rose to 53.0%, 48.4%, and 36.7% respectively. NPLs cost FIs (financial institutions) as high as €205 Billion (EU only), ₹10.36 Trillion

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multi-channel vs. omni-channel

Multi-channel vs. Omni-channel Communications – Which One to Choose?

The rising expectations of customers and technological advancements have changed the way in which interactions take place. Customers today are demanding more convenient, simplified, transparent and personalized communications. Successful organizations have understood the importance of investing in customer experience as it tends to be the crucial driver in delivering great business outcomes. Gradually, organizations have

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The Startling Truth About Emerging Customer Communications

In today’s era of incessant digital transformation, customer communications are no longer about offering just a print and an electronic copy of the same document. Organizations need to swiftly adopt modern communication landscapes and implement cutting edge Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems that can support efficient and centralized processes for all delivery channels. Companies using

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