Legacy Software (CCM) for SMBs: Managing Customer Correspondence

CCM Tool for Managing Services like Bills, Statements, Promotions, Notices, etc.

Effectively engaging experiences across customer touchpoints is a proven differentiator for customer-centric organizations. Your regular correspondence such as bills, statements, promotions, notices, etc. can act as customer engagement livewires. Your correspondence for different channels such as print, email, SMS, social media, etc., should be consistent with their seamless experience.

Modernized Technology Legacy Software

How do organizations manage their customer correspondence?  

Over the last two decades, due to technological advancement, and changing consumer behavior, delivery mediums for such correspondence has shifted from print and fax to –emails, SMS, the internet, mobile apps, and social media. When business applications were created in the past, they didn’t consider creating templates or automating for modern delivery mediums.

Leading Customer Communications Management (CCM) software providers such as GMC, HP Exstream, DOC1, etc. offer a centralized platform to create, manage and deliver customer communications through multiple delivery mediums across customer touch points.

Challenges of SMBs in managing customer correspondence

Large-size organizations can invest a significant amount of resources and funds; and a large chunk of that goes into procuring hardware, licensing, and maintaining a pool of highly skilled workforce. Due to a high cost of ownership, modern CCM tools are out of reach for mid-size organizations. However, the mid-size organizations are currently managing their correspondence by:

  • Multiple legacy business applications
  • Outsource to their print services partners

The above approach has certain limitations, some of which are:

  • Hassles of managing multiple business applications
  • Scalability and elasticity constraints
  • High manpower requirements
  • Format inconsistency across delivery channels
  • No provision to accommodate innovations
  • Limited control over processes and associated risks due to dependency on vendors

Unavailability of an efficient platform puts SMEs behind in the effectiveness of customer correspondence, customer experience quotient, and eventually performance, as compared to their large-scale peers. It becomes a challenge for SMEs as they cannot compromise on customer experience or allocate investments for modern CCM software.

CCM as Managed Services – A Smarter, and Cost-Effective Approach  

CCM as Managed Services is specially crafted to bridge budgetary gaps and bring the customer correspondence processes & customer experience (CX) at par with modern industry standards for SMEs.

When most CCM solutions providers still offer the on-premises-based solution, CCM as Managed Services works on SAAS-based subscription in the cloud. Key features and advantages of CCM as Managed Services are:

  • In-Cloud: Centralized CCM platform in the cloud to manage all communications for print, email, text, mobile apps, and social media. SAAS-based, usage-based pay-as-you-go, model
  • Expert requirements (Human Resources): Readily available expert staff to eliminate the hassles of hiring, and retaining a pool of expert talent
  • Process Control: Better inter-departmental coordination through enhanced visibility and automation of change management, feedbacks, approvals; saves time resulting in faster time to market
  • Competent solution: CCM as managed services are modern and competent to support modern innovations such as HTML5 based documents, personalized videos in addition to the conventional formats – print-ready files, PDFs, text, and social media; helps enhance CX quotient
  • Scalable: Robust, and elastic to sustain any incremental volume due to growth, unexpected capacity enhancement requirements
  • Security and risks: PCI DSS, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013, HIPAA compliant. Reduces dependency on an external vendor for critical customer correspondence

When it comes to maintaining the right price-performance ratio while enabling a superior customer experience at the same time, CCM as Managed Services is paramount. The solution bridges many technological, budgetary, and know-how gaps to bring SMEs to par with their large-scale peers and modern best practices.

FCI Managed CCM Services help organizations modernize their communications processes to become future ready, achieve optimum efficiency and save costs.