The Most Affordable Way To Automate Customer Communications


Automating a customer communication landscape is a challenge faced by most consumer-facing organisations. Gone are the days when companies could create identical templates for customers and still manage to retain their customer base. Organisations are now expected to deliver interactive statements and personalized quotes, in addition to taking care of regulatory compliances.

These diverse expectations can not be fulfilled if companies stick to multiple stand-alone systems and continue with batch processing. A firm that is still using conventional methods for interactive communications and pulling out data from multiple sources might miss out on some compliance guidelines or commit mistakes that do not go well for the brand. What then is the most cost-effective solution for an organisation that is keen for a digital transformation?  Cloud Services, we say ! Choosing cloud services for interactive communications facilitates a more efficient system that is centralized, customer-friendly and capable of saving time and costs. These services use cloud-based platforms that are accessible through any device, at any place.

To give you an outline, consider an organization using cloud based services for interactive communications. Customer facing executives, after collecting critical information from customers, select the appropriate template from pre-composed formats, enter customer ID, or any related attributes that populate other relevant customer information on the document, enter other relevant customer information, and the document is ready to be delivered. The practice of using templates reduces the probability of errors and produces documents that are in line with their batch communications environment. Moreover, the system allows generating print-ready file, or delivery through email, SMS, mobile app or social media. The process enables fast document composition and delivery that can be done simultaneously while the executives are  interacting with customers. Additionally, these communications are archived as audit trails for future correspondence.

Deploying Cloud Services exempts organizations from any capital investment in fixed assets or licensing. Among numerous other advantages of Cloud Services, some are:

  • Cloud Based Centralized Process
  • Customised yet Integrated processes supporting multiple delivery channels.
  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Minimized risk of errors owing to archived templates

Undeniably, Cloud based services for interactive customer communication offer organizations an opportunity to transform customer experience and develop an efficient customer communications management system that is centralized, fast, and saves significant costs.

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