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The Utility sector is at a point of fundamental change. New technological developments, changes in policies and regulations, and structural reforms are forcing companies to redefine their operating models. On top of that, changing customer behaviour makes it critical for the utility service providers to use customer-centric technology that revives customer experience at every touch-point.

FCI, a customer communication management company enables utility service providers to enhance their efficiency, optimize costs and gain competitive advantage. Powered with CCM capabilities, utility sector can improve their profit margins by including cross-sell and up-sell opportunities while delivering billing statements as interactive and dynamic documents. Within utility the services could broadly vary between:

Insurance Institutions

Deliver effective communication in the form of bills, usage statements, notices, etc., with all stakeholders, particularly customers and the public.

policy decisions

Automate your meter reading process by providing customers with self-servicable options and reduce the chances of fraud.

swiftly create and maintain bulk

Foster deeper customer relationships by moving from an energy asset-based to a more customer-centric approach.

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& Enhance Experiences

Majority of the utility companies work with different tools and third-party vendors when creating communications for customers to be sent via web, email, SMS, and print. This majorly contributes to different brand images, inconsistent messaging, disparate channel experience and increased compliance risks. With a decade-long experience in the domain of Customer Communication Management, FCI helps you provide the solution that delivers consistent experiences, strengthens brand image and sustains compliance. .

Deploy Communications with

Up-sell and Cross-sell Promotions

Many utility service providers share bills that lack personalized usage analysis along with dedicated up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. With FCI, you can create personalized offers as per your customer’s journey and behavioural pattern to encourage them to enrol in different plans that create a win-win situation for you as well as your customers.

Deliver Communications

as Preferred

The digital space is the new normal, especially for the millennial customers. These customers mostly prefer customer communications to be digital instead of print. FCI empowers Utility Providers to serve customers as per their delivery preferences. These communications can be quickly deployed to customers via print, e-mail, SMS or web allowing them to receive information whenever and wherever they need it.

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PDF Bills

With the world going digital, the time has come to re-imagine utility bills as well as to make them highly interactive & personalized.

FCI introduces the all new dynamic and interactive eBilling solution which makes eBills more presentable than a paper bill or PDF attached to an email. It also adds value to your Utility business by reducing cost & improving customer experience.

FCI Capabilities

>Boring and Non-interactive Customer Communications

Digital Forms and Processes

Customer On-boarding is still far from being Digital

Interactive and Dynamic Policy Documents

Minimal Up-sell & Cross-sell Opportunities

eSignature Integration

Cumbersome Manual Processes Communications

Interactive Welcome Kit

No Self-service Capabilities in Customer Communications

SMS and Mobile Push Notifications

Inconsistent Messaging along with Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Personalized Up-sell and Cross-sell Promotions

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