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The Utilities industry has been hit by the digital revolution, and is facing increased competition with constantly changing regulations in the recent few years. With millions of customers demanding impeccable digital experience, the industry has been facing a tough time to deliver dynamic and responsive communications while riding heavy on the information. All this customer information has been growing exponentially, creating digital threats, but also profitable opportunities.

Challenges faced by the Utility Industry

FCI - Delivering Delightful Digital Experiences

throughout your Customers’ Journey

FCI helps you to constantly innovate and deliver omni-channel communications to your customers. Say goodbye to traditional methods of static communications and hello to all new dynamic, personalized and interactive communications.

We also provide true cloud capabilities to optimize the effectiveness of every communication sent to a customer and drive business objectives and growth while maximizing the bottom line.



  •   Empower Self-service Communication Capabilities
  •   Deliver True Omnichannel Digital Experience
  •   Deploy Communications as per Customer’s Delivery Preferences
  •   Designed for Hyper-connected and Fast-moving Millennial customers
  •   Deliver Secured Customer Communications on Cloud
  •   Increased Agility and Reduced Compliant Risk

Deliver Innovative
and Interactive

Customer Communications

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