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The 21st century’s technology-enabled ‘smart’ healthcare has been moving the barriers of hospital walls, and demanding patient-centered solutions. Besides digital transformations, the healthcare sector is in a consistent change of state with new regulations, disclaimers, fines and penalties. With agility and customer responsiveness being the current healthcare watchwords, companies now need a communication infrastructure that would optimize every customer interactions, and provide them with the information they need as per their preferences.

Challenges faced by the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Rise in operational inefficiency due to time spent on consulting patient documents, reducing typos, & coping with the risk of losing important prescriptions.

Healthcare Industry

High customer turnover and low patient satisfaction due inconsistent information on treatment costs and health plans.

Healthcare Industry

Millions being spent on sending print material to customers who prefer to be reached via digital channels.

Healthcare Industry

Communication delays in emergency information due to presence of legacy systems.

Healthcare Industry

Finding it tough to accustom overburdened IT and customer service department due to regulatory pressures and high call volume.

Healthcare Industry

Running low on providing true omni-channel digital experience to customers as suppressing print is still a tough nut to crack.

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FCI helps you to constantly innovate and deliver omni-channel communications to your customers. Say goodbye to traditional methods of static communications and hello to all new dynamic, personalized and interactive communications.

We also provide true cloud capabilities to optimize the effectiveness of every communication sent to a customer and drive business objectives and growth while maximizing the bottom line.

FCI for Healthcare

>Boring and Non-interactive Customer Communications

Digital Forms and Processes

Customer On-boarding is still far from being Digital

Interactive and Dynamic Policy Documents

Minimal Up-sell & Cross-sell Opportunities

eSignature Integration

Cumbersome Manual Processes Communications

Interactive Welcome Kit

No Self-service Capabilities in Customer Communications

SMS and Mobile Push Notifications

Inconsistent Messaging along with Regulatory and Compliance Risks

Personalized Up-sell and Cross-sell Promotions

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