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Driving Customer Experience with Digital Transformation

Digital transformation creates limitless possibilities and has drastically changed the way new-age businesses operate today. When it comes to revolutionizing customer experience digital transformation has played the most important role.

The proliferation of mobile devices and other digital channels email, web, social, etc., has provided numerous opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers. This has helped them in decreasing communication costs and achieving multiple business goals.

Need for a Powerful Digital Transformation Platform

There is an increasing urge to adopt the digital channels because of the rise in customer expectations to interact in real-time with their service providers. These customers take instant actions and expect immediate resolutions on their concerns. This scenario gives rise to an instantaneous real-time two-way dialogue between the customers and the organizations.



A personalized customer experience can help brands stay ahead of the competition and keep customers engaged. Sending customers documents, correspondences, policies, renewal letters, statements, etc. as per their need is the best way to increase engagements.



With the increase in channels of communications omnichannel engagement is now the top priority for organizations that value digital. Keeping control over the information that must be populated on every channel is necessary for organizations. A printed statement is lengthy when compared to a simple text message. This is where omnichannel output comes into picture and takes control of the messages being delivered on every channel



Create highly effective customer communications and target your audience more deliberately by automation of interactions. Also, reduce the risk of manual production and delivery of business-critical documents while increasing the scale at which they are produced.



Customers engage with an organization for several reasons and most of them can be categorized into different journeys involving various digital channels. Tweaking communications as per the steps involved in customer journey can help in enhancing customer engagement. With customer journey mapping, organizations can have a 360-degree view of the customers and a clear picture of the customer experience in real-time.

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Digital Onboarding

Increase on-boarding volume through quick and convenient digital forms that are pre-populated with your customers’ data.


Reduce the hassle of dealing with paper or check payments, by getting paid quickly and securely via eBilling solution.

Interactive & Dynamic

Make some communications bi-directional allowing customers to provide real time inputs for the enterprise.

Task Automation

Enable automation of interactions which otherwise is not possible when different applications are working in silos trying to service the same customer.

Personalized Videos

Generate personalized videos for each customer, consisting of information like new policy purchased, first statement, premium schedule, and other value-added services.

digital documents & pURLs

Leverage the power of pURLs by delivering unique and relevant digital documents tailored as per your audience needs.

Customer Journey Mapping

An Outside-in Approach to Delivering Impeccable Digital Experience

A customer journey map helps in recognizing all these touchpoints (whether digital or physical) on how a customer interacts with the organization. To deliver a better customer experience, an organization leverages customer journey mapping approach by providing self-service and assisted service options to the customers in real-time.This results in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Quickly create detailed customer journey maps with drag and drop tools, and custom design options.
Connect communications including letters, contracts, emails, quotes and statements to every touchpoint along the journey.
Collaborate internally and share real-time feedback via social commenting, bringing agility to your enterprise communication strategy.
Take immediate action to improve the customer experience (CX) by enabling business users and designers to make suggested changes in real-time.
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