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What is a Digital Experience (DX)?

Digital Experience is a subset of customer experience (CX) and specifically deals with customer experience on digital channels. An amazing digital experience offers superior customer engagement designed for digital delivery and optimized for millennial customers. These responsive communications have the power to transform disparate customer interactions into a one-to-one communication dialogue between the customer and service provider.

The ultimate objective of digital experience is to provide customers with delightful experiences that creates long-lasting memories and deepens customer relationships.

Customer Journey Mapping

An Outside-in Approach to Delivering Impeccable Digital Experience

Customers engage with an organization for a number of reasons and most of them can be categorized into different journeys involving various digital channels. A customer journey is defined as the number of interactions that a customer involves in with a particular organization.

A customer journey map helps in recognizing all these touch-points (whether digital or physical) on how a customer interacts with the organization. To deliver a better customer experience, an organization leverages customer journey mapping approach by providing self-service and assisted service options to the customers in real-time.

This results in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Quickly create detailed customer journey maps with drag and drop tools, and custom design options.
Connect communications including letters, contracts, emails, quotes and statements to every touchpoint along the journey.
Collaborate internally and share real-time feedback via social commenting, bringing agility to your enterprise communication strategy.
Take immediate action to improve the customer experience (CX) by enabling business users and designers to make suggested changes in real-time.

Deliver Superior Digital Experience

with Cloud-enabled Customer Communications

Cloud-enabled Customer Communications

Small and medium businesses have realized the importance of dynamic and engaging customer communications but generally lack investments and resources - IT infrastructure, software Licensing, IT personnel and document specialist in order to drive their digital transformation journey. To facilitate superior digital customer experience, FCI has introduced a new cloud based offering where a business need not purchase a CCM software but can still deliver communications at power with large enterprise.


Reduced Cost

Capex investments related to IT infrastructure and Software licensing.

Time to

Time to Market

Central template management eliminates the need to make changes in templates on multiple platforms that leads to exponential reductions in turnaround time (from weeks to days or hours).

Easy to

Easy to Integrate

Cloud based CCM platform lets you incorporate communications into your existing environment.

IT workload

Streamline IT workload

Simplify day-to-day IT tactical activities, so they can better support marketers and customers.

Deliver Innovative
and Interactive

Customer Communications

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About FCI

FCI is revolutionizing the customer communications for its clients who are in consumer facing businesses. We help organizations of all sizes deliver amazing digital experience to their customers with the help of dynamic, interactive and highly personalized communications. FCI provides customer communication management solutions and services to help organizations improve operational efficiency, support regulatory compliance, and drive business growth.