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What is Cloud-based Customer Communication Management ?

A cloud-based customer communication management is a central point of a customer-facing business from which all the inbound customer communications can be handled. It enables businesses to manage processes and deliver communications on the cloud by eliminating the traditional manual ways of sending communications, running processes on software and other hard-coded integrations.

Why Go for the Cloud?

Cloud-based CCM software allows organizations to be more nimble and economical. It is ideal for organizations that are growing and are also willing to provide exemplary experiences to their customers. With a cloud-based solution organizations can deliver communications in an a cost-effective manner while scaling to new heights.


Reduced Cost

Capex investments related to IT infrastructure and Software licensing.

Time to

Time to Market

Central template management eliminates the need to make changes in templates on multiple platforms that leads to exponential reductions in turnaround time (from weeks to days or hours).

Easy to

Easy to Integrate

Cloud based CCM platform lets you incorporate communications into your existing environment.

IT workload

Streamline IT workload

Simplify day-to-day IT tactical activities, so they can better support marketers and customers.

Transform Your Customer

Communications with FCI

Differentiate your business processes by developing perpetual, profitable relationships with your customers by engaging them with delightful customer experiences. The Customer Communication management platform is the easiest way to grow loyalty as it motivates your customers to adopt digital channels and with a cloud based offering the job becomes even more easy.

FCI looks at the process of creating and delivering communications from the perspective of the customer. Rather than customers communicating to different departments of a single organization individually, a CCM software enables your customers to interact with your organization as a single entity.

Ready to opt

Cloud-based CCM Platform?

Small and medium organizations who are willing to compete with large enterprises and are looking for ways to enhance their customer experience modules - Cloud CCM Software leads the stack. With a cloud solution you can quickly get on the road of faster and fluent customer experiences.

Few of the Benefits with a Cloud-based CCM Software

Highly Flexible

Extremely Cost-efficient

Automated Processes

Data Security

Reduce Capex

Increased Accessibility

Time To Get On

The Cloud

With FCI’s Cloud-based CCM offering, your organization can leap farther and achieve new heights.