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Roadmap to Successful CCM Migration

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Customers these days are more than willing to control how and when they should receive information from their service providers. These digital savvy customers expect information to be personalized as per their needs that too on their preferred channel such as Web, SMS, Email, IM or Print. This customer behaviour has profoundly impacted the way in which businesses operate. However, the good news is that these customers are open to digital channels and more than interested to enjoy self-service resolution to their queries.

Organizations that are in pace with these customers are able to beat the heat by providing digital solutions capable of harnessing their customer concerns. These organizations strive to deliver memorable experiences to their customers by understanding customer behavior, their preferences, availability, journey maps and life cycles. Such organizations rely heavily on a customer communication management platform that is smart enough to track customer patterns while sharing helpful and timely communications that too on their preferred channels.

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Centralized Outbound Communications

Get rid of silos and make a move towards an integrated approach to delivering a unified and seamless customer experience via centralized outbound communication platform.

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Digital Transformation

Provide fuel to your digital transformation journey by moving your current paper-intensive processes and communications to a digital ready platform.

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Transaction Print &
Mail Service

Deliver high volume transaction documents to meet your business requirements. Now transform the data-driven customer correspondence into impactful customer communications.

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The Convergence of CCM & CX

The new age organizations are strongly being driven by the Customer Experience initiatives. Though many of these organizations have their CX strategy in place, only few of them have the right technology for execution. Such organizations constantly seek technologies that can harmonize their CX efforts while strengthening their business processes. And, lately organizations have found their CX related answers with a CCM software.

A good Customer Communication Management (CCM) software can create roadmaps for organizations to deliver highly relevant and personalized communications in a seamless way across customer’s preferred channel.

FCI, with almost 60 years of industry experience, is astute enough to recognize the opportunity derived from this convergence and offers businesses with solutions that helps them to better engage with their customers while strengthening business-customer relationships.

The CCM and CX Industry by Numbers :

Global CCM Market To Touch
US $ 3.47 Billion
by 2026
Global CEM Market To Touch
US $ 32.49 Billion
by 2025

Proactive Customer Experience Awaits You!

Get Ready to be in Tune with your Customers

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